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Mister Eclectic

Impulsive Lobster Day

The plan after the usual morning stuff was to go to the top of Grant Ave, shop for Korean BBQ marinade and a handful of other things at the 99 Ranch Asian supermarket, then go next door and relieve them of 10 Scharffen-Berger 82% chocolate bars, milk and HB eggs. Mission accomplished. 99 had lobster on sale for $9/lb, which is pretty cheap (dungeness crab was $11/lb), so I bought one. The man behind the tank did not understand that I wanted them to cook it (they will steam shellfish and fry scaled fish for free). More on that later. Also got two flats of frozen ha gow, a hand of bananas, and about 2 lbs of lamyay and four fat bombs.  But Nob Hill did not have dark chocolate Tam Tams, and they only had 8 chocolate bars.

There was some serious eye candy at both stores - customers in 99 and staff at Nob Hill.

Home, looked up what to do with a live lobster, which led me to put it - still in its plastic bag - into the fridge. Filled my big chicken soup cauldron with water and the last 1/4 cup of regular salt (I have some kosher salt too). Set that to boiling. Opened the bag with the lobster, cut off the rubber claw bands and plopped it into the water. Covered and let boil for 16 minutes. Poured out most of the hot water and ran cold and added ice cubes. When it was cool, put the lobster in a gallon bag back into the fridge.

On the PC, one of the storm chasers was streaming his trip through Nebraska to SD where he got caught in a major hail storm, while watching for tornadoes. Watched a couple of Lone Ranger episodes.

The Arlo® camera on the front door kept giving me alerts any time a car passed by, even though I had set the app to ignore anything which wasn't on the steps. Eventually had to delete the camera and set it up again, which meant getting on a ladder to press the sync button. Now I'm getting alerts but no recordings to go with them. Meanwhile the camera on the carport is behaving itself.

Spook is still upset. She spent most of the day on the floor of the guest room against the book case, under the Casio keyboard/stand. She is not letting me pet her as I sit in the recliner. But she is clean and not rolling on her back from the mats.

No more Bitchelorette. Not even on Twitter.

There was a Below Deck episode last night (I think), in which the phony Russian chef was fired, and the 3rd stew, who spoke Russian because she was born in Ukraine, was made chef, helped by a deck hand - both of whom had some serious chef experience. The guests loved the food. So did the captain. 3rd stew is honest about not having a full chef's repertoire, but she's smart enough to cook what she knows. Except for the ex-chef, this crew gets along well. Much less drama than last season.

I've found a very pleasant Thai radio station to listen to on Sonos. My fave Fung Fung Fung seems to have gone off the air, and this one is called Talay (which means ocean) 90.25 FM. Mostly Thai pop, some American pop. "Talay 90.25 is the people’s Choice online radio and fm radio station. They are Playing easy listening, soft pop, love songs. They give you sounds like no-one else can. Talay 90.25 broadcasts to the greater Thailand, Chiang Mai area and beyond." Interesting that they only play American style tunes, no upcountry peasant music which is common around Chiang Mai. Very pleasant background music.

About that - my Thai is not good enough anymore that I automatically hear the meaning of the words, let alone sing along. I really only hear the music, unless something in a song triggers me to want to know the meaning. Then I'll listen closely, try to find the song on YouTube, and read the lyrics if they are there.

Lunch substitute was a pair of sesame balls from 99, they are huge.

Dinner time was coming, so I pulled the lobster out of the fridge, cracked it open, pulled out the meat and cut that into chunks. Put some butter in a non-stick pan, added about 1/4 of an onion chopped, and when that was caramelized added some Harvey's Bristol Creme sherry, a can of cream of mushroom soup, a little milk, strips of two slices of Swiss cheese, a bunch of Parmesan, some paprika which took me entirely too long to find, ground black pepper and then the lobster. On another burner I was boiling a cup of rigatoni.

Drained the pasta, dumped it into a bowl, poured the lobster mix over it and that was dinner. Strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

The lobster recipe was adapted from lobster newberg, and tasted pretty good. Different than most of what I cook.

Some news on the job front - the job I should have been a shoo-in for at Google went to someone else, represented by a different agency. Boo, hiss. But my recruiter said he has one more similar job, he'll find out more Friday.

Applied for an open-ended recruiting blast from study.com. Almost immediately got email asking when I could do a half-hour phone interview. Replied, and within the hour had one booked for next Wednesday afternoon. I looked up the interviewer, and I Kid U Not, she has a masters of science from Kansas in tornado chasing. Her role at the company is content, math and sciences. If nothing else she should be fun to talk to. The office is in a building I watched (and grumbled about) being built, right across from Mountain View CalTrain/VTA Light Rail.

Took another look at homes in Las Vegas, and there are plenty of manufactured homes to choose from in my price range. Land rent varies a lot, some are not in a park, others range from $70 to $800 a month. LV is a much better fit for me than Back East. And a less expensive move.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch the big parade in DC. I personally think it is disgusting that most of the Presidents in my lifetime went off golfing on the 4th, and now that someone is doing a proper parade with Blue Angels and Thunderbirds overhead, so many of my friends can't see past their hatred of Trump.
There will probably be storms chased.
Another round of Korean BBQ Beef ribs for dinner
Mint chocolate chip ice cream with whipped cream and maraschino cherry.

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