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The usual morning after trouble getting to sleep, woke up at 3, then at 6, but the 7:30 alarm surprised me. My Google Home is about 30 seconds faster than the Samsung smart hub which turns on the lights. Out of bed by 8.

10 am, gathered a bag full of unopened food items which have been cluttering the kitchen counters, and walked them to the community center and put them in the donation bin. Then enjoyed the monthly party. For a change a lot of birthday people showed up, including a 92-year-old woman. She is still clicking on most cylinders - just sometimes uses a walking stick.

Walked home, watched the main storm chaser who was still at the place he saw two tornadoes day before yesterday. The idiot child who had been harassing me on my channel somehow found me there, even after I created two other accounts (using two gmail accounts). Annoyed the heck out of the moderators, who discovered he could make a new account and come back instantly. Now he's using my surname, which nobody on that channel knows is mine. Twitch won't do anything, so Monday I'll file a police report. Amazon owns Twitch, I'll also file a complaint with them. I'm pretty sure the culprit is Marcus, Tammy's idiot savant son. He's home all day with nothing to do except play on his computer. And he's the only person who knows my real name and knows I'm on twitch. His messing with the storm chasers is a huge mistake - they are partners on the service, and complaints from them won't be ignored because they bring in a lot of $$ for Twitch and Amazon.
Watched some TV, Tivo did what I'd asked with recording channel 103.

Lunch was too big, I should have put half of it in storage. Instead of making something from the freezer I pulled a bunch of about-to-go-bad ingredients out of the fridge, sliced up a couple of hot dog sized sausages, added garlic and onions and stir fried in peanut oil. Nuked a packet of rices and wokked it all together. It was pretty good, but too much oil. Ice cream sandwich for dessert.

Dinner was also too much, but this time half did go back into the container. No photo. It was leftover yellow curried shrimp from the freezer, over rice. There's one more lunch I'll get from that. In the fridge because the shrimp will turn to leather if I have to nuke them back from frozen.  Dessert was a piece of that chocolate cake, but it isn't at all chocolaty and the icing won't behave itself.

In between meals I drove over to Janice's, and we had a good chat. She's encouraging me to clean out as much stuff now as I can. I'm not holding out much hope of further employment.

In the park slot was the inspection result, which basically said to do some sweeping and hose down the driveway. There is a note about weeding, but I've already taken care of that.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hose down the driveway
Sweep the front and side steps and the poppy seed pods making a mess of the front walkway.
Watch storm chasers if they are out (the one I watched today is heading home tomorrow)
There should be more Channel 103 episodes (old B&W TV shows)
Introduce the chocolate cake to the disposal.
Maybe take a bunch of jackets to Goodwill

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