Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It Must Be Monday

Because before I even woke up, my phone was blaring my notification tune, because next door a-hole neighbor tripped the carport camera sensor. Instead of being a normal human and walking across his porch and down the steps to get to his back yard, he goes down the porch front steps and tromps along the 2-foot-wide gravel path between my carport and his porch. Bozo.

Also knew it was Monday because before I even had breakfast three different phone numbers with the same area code and prefix and first 2 digits rang my phone. Followed by three email messages from different recruiters at the same agency, all Indians, with the same job description. I sent them all one email reply saying figure out who wants to handle this. One of the three responded and phoned. Just after I sent him the "okay to submit me" email, one of the others emails asking when he can call. He was the one whose subject line began "As we discussed" even though we had never discussed anything.

It's for a contract at Tivo. I'd love to work there again, but the last two times I applied - crickets.

Another opportunity came up later in the day, a rare manual test position at Amazon.

And the rest of the day was recruiter-free.

Drove to Lowe's, they had exactly what I was looking for, a solution which claimed to get rid of mold and algae on driveways in 30 seconds. Bought three containers - they are designed to hook up to a garden hose.

Took those home, sprayed a can's worth on the driveway ramp with the green stuff. Rinsed it off. Not any noticeable improvement. Read the directions, it said leave the stuff on for at least 15 minutes, so I attached a second container and sprayed again, then went inside for an hour. Back outside, the part of the ramp which was not discolored was cleaner but now the algae is brown-orange.

Earlier I had tried diluted bleach, and it did a slightly better job. I think tomorrow I'll buy more bleach and pour it on directly. There's also a theory that vinegar will work, but I'm not believing that.

Finished the curried shrimp on rice for lunch. Around 12:30 I was feeling very tired and a little dizzy. BP meter said 94/53 which is pretty low for me. Pulse of 59 a tad low too. Hgl was also low - 88. Self-medicated with some ice cream.

Spook had claimed the bed, so I took the livingroom sofa. Fell asleep 3 times, deep sleep, disoriented waking up each time.

Moved to the PC, watched a couple of storm chasers who were within a few miles of each other, both of them got rained on but no lightning or funnel clouds.

Back to the recliner, watched some Roy Rodgers, PTI, Lone Ranger, To Tell The Truth. I really should have played the piano.

Dinner time, I noshed on some turkey bologna, then decided to do something with the 8 skinned chicken thighs I'd defrosted overnight.

Yellow curry. Deboned the thighs, cutting the meat into bite-sized pieces as I went along. Put a little peanut oil in the wok, braised the chicken pieces and set them aside.

Trying to open the second of three cans of coconut milk the electric opener broke, so I went to manual. Poured the three into the wok, added about 2 Tbsp of yellow curry paste, then raided my lazy susan for bamboo shoots, baby corn, straw mushrooms and water chestnuts. Had to fish the latter out of the wok - they had turned gray. I had 4 more cans so no worries. Let that simmer for a while, added the chicken and turned the burner down to low. Simmered for 90 minutes, stirring from time to time in between segments of TMZ.

The liquid was too thin, so I dissolved 2 Tbsp of corn starch in a cup of warm water and added it. Stirred it in and let it simmer, but it needed more, so one more dose.

The mixture may need more curry paste, but that can wait until I eat it. I figure this batch will fill at least 4 freezer containers. Tomorrow morning will label the lids and ladle the portions in. One will go into the fridge the rest in the freezer.

What else? Oh, garbage and garden bin were collected early, but the recycles were later. In the mail were two items for people who don't live here, and another piece of spam from Sirius. Nissan includes a free 3-month trial, which I am not interested in. But unlike Ford, whose remote app worked without Sirius, Nissan wants $10/month after the trial period, so now my app doesn't work.

In other news, I looked up one company, and found it would cost $700 to have the car delivered to Las Vegas. I doubt I can make the trip without getting stuck somewhere with an empty battery. There's no way to tell. As far as I can tell there are no maps which show the chargers along a route.  And Spook would cry all the way.

Plans for tomorrow:
Curry --> storage
Pour the last container of algaecide directly onto the ramp
If that doesn't work, I need more bleach anyway
Inventory the lazy susan - I may or may not need to make a curry ingredients run.

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