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No News Is No News

Spook has spent the last two nights on my bed, within reach. She usually gets there before I do, and camps out on top of the quilt. When the lights come on in the morning she walks closer to the head of the bed, sitting up and purring, a hint that it's time to go to the kitchen to pour out some treats. Even if there are still some out from yesterday.

But as usual, she has to wait for me to shower and get dressed.

She also is now allowing me for the first time ever to brush her back a little. Her routine is she pushes her face into the brush, alternating left and right sides. I can run the brush down her back once and then she rolls over on her back, paws up but any more attempts to brush her results in her walking briskly to the other side of the room.

This evening she actually walked up the the recliner and tried to grab the brush out of my hand. I tried to lure her onto my lap but she wasn't buying that.
After the usual morning routine, I ladled the chicken curry into 4 containers, three went into the freezer, one to the fridge. Each is probably 2-3 meals. Then it was time for Nancie's FB live show, Tuesdays @ 2, which is 11 am my time. Kind of a FAIL because she had scheduled a pie bake, but her oven had died. But I did at least see how easy it is to make a crumble (Streusel) topping. And she reminded me that I should buy some lemongrass, root it and plant it in my front garden. I did that a couple of years ago and it worked for a while.

I found two storm chasers parked together in Kearney, NE watching the town trying to cope with major flooding at a usually busy intersection. And then it was time to join my favorite daily ride home with another chaser in Chicago. I'm using a new account on Twitch, created using an email service which doesn't trace back to me. So far the asshole troller has not found it. I'm still working with law enforcement to pry IP and email addresses from Amazon, which owns Twitch. They can trace him from that.
Not much on the job front. Email from the recruiter for the second Google job that he still has no word from the hiring manager. Two recruiter messages came in for jobs I'd already applied for with other reps. A ping on LinkedIn from a very junior partner in Philly whose profiles shows she has $$ - she has co-founded what looks like an ad agency, but she was looking for QA people for a project at Apple. 2 weeks of training at minimum wage followed by 4 weeks working for $30/hr. That doesn't sound like Apple wages. I declined the honor. Probably would not make it past the first interview, they probably want Apple fanatics.
Driveway ramp was still showing a lot of discoloration from mold/mildew/algae. Trip to Lowe's was disappointing for three reasons. First the $30 device I saw last time which looked like a 4500 psi portable power washer was just the wand for a $300 washer. There was a portable one but it only produces 300 psi, which isn't much more than the garden hose's 250. The second reason is there was a $79 special on a 1700 psi unit which would have worked, but they were out of stock and the offer was "while supplies last" and ends tomorrow. I did find a Chlorox/Tilex pump which was supposed to handle what I needed, but Lowe's did not have any cashiers available - they were pushing everyone to self-checkout, so I just put the jug back on the shelf and walked out.

Home Depot next, they had a Ryobi version of that 1700 pump, labeled 1600, but they wanted the full $119 retail price. Scott's had a hose-connected spray-on chemical solution, so I bought that instead.

Home, hooked up the hose, sprayed the ramp. Used my stiff wide broom as directed to brush the area. Lots of green muck came up, but most of it stayed behind after rinsing. I poured what was left directly on and will check again tomorrow. Meanwhile I think I'll look online for the on-sale washer.

Lots of stuff on Tivo. Lone Ranger, PTI, Roy Rodgers, some of the home run derby. I actually caught the finale of that live last night, the recording stopped about an hour short. Also saw the last 2 innings of the all-star game tonight. Pitchers' duel. Boring. 8th inning ended with a well-executed double play. 9th with three K's, I think. Below Deck is evolving, the 3rd stew turned chef turns out to be great at the job, but she is assisted by a deck hand who has been a cook. Capt. Sandy is hiring a new stew next charter, but she really needs to fire Jack the stupidlazyugly Liverpudlian deck hand and hire someone to replace him who is not allergic to work and is less of a horndog.

Lunch was a small salad and a Safeway Asian beef & rice meal. For dinner I warmed up some rice and some of last night's chicken curry. Mild, but I liked it enough to not break out the curry paste.

I did get some time in on the piano. Yay.

Plans for tomorrow:
One last shot with the chemical solution on the driveway
3 pm phone interview with the study.com person.

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