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When's Day

Tough time getting to sleep last night, horrible pain down the side of my torso when I twisted a little bit to see where Spook was. Had to get up and take some Tylenol and wait for the pain to subside. Night before last that area cramped a bit, but increasing the bed's sleep number took care of that.

Spook bailed sometime in the wee hours, but returned when the lights came on in the morning.

A warm shower helped too.

Most of the day was spent between the PC and the TV, waiting for the 3 pm phone interview. I think it went well, the HR person was not the tornado expert I'd found on LinkedIn, she sounded very young. Just found the person on LI, 2014 college grad,  office assistant for a year and now has 4 years as a recruiter/hr rep. Can't get much newer than that. Next step, she said, was to talk to the QA team about the interview, and see if they want to do a conference call. If that went well, bring me in to their lovely digs across from the MV Caltrain station.

The 3pm timing worked well, actually. I was watching the metal detector guy on Twitch after an awful pot sticker steamer lunch, then the storm chaser at 1:40 to 2:40, and filled the rest of the time poking around study.com to get an idea of what QA work they might do. It's a decent quality site, audio is great, videos are okay but not leading edge in production values. The GUI is consistent, every section complies with a central planned look & feel.

After the interview I went out to the driveway, brushed some more gunk into the algae, but it still needs work. Friday I expect the receive the pressure washer, which turns out to be less expensive than hiring a service. By about 3x.

Brushed Spook a bit, until she played dead. Roy Rodgers and Lone Ranger, then I got off my butt, put on my Tevas, and went shopping. Chinese market on Lawrence, stocked up on coconut water, canned Thai tea, and the curry makings - coconut milk, water chestnuts, baby corn, straw mushrooms and bamboo shoots. Also bought a couple of small tins of crab meat which will probably go into fried rice. Or salad. And several bunches of lemongrass - Nancie has done some Facebook Live sessions on how to get them to root, which I'll look at later.

Next stop, GO for bananas, strawberries and salad makings. They were all out of spring leaf mix, I had to go with the iceberg and mixed veggies. Mochi, texas toast, and since there were no tim tams I grabbed a box of mini chocolate dipped mint oreos. Thy were also out of the Tillamook dark chocolate raspberry ice cream pops. And Famous Amos except for school lunch size.

But what they did have in good supply was beautiful women. There was one gal who must have been close to 7' tall, built like a pole vaulter. And a petite Asian woman who had all the assets in the right proportions. And more.

Home, put stuff away, heated up some green peas and chicken drumsticks. Delivered earlier was the new can opener, and I used it on a can of creamed corn. It worked well, but slightly non-intuitive because it slices the sides, and the lid lifts off. No magnet.

Found another sexy show on CBS, Love Island. Pretty close to Are You The One, but not as polished.

Two more recruiter calls today, one from an Indian pimp who promised to get me hired today, but the job was being pimped to Accenture (the company which bailed on me in December) and the pay was half what it should be for the job. I told him no. The second call was much better, consultant role at Google, $80k salary with benefits, so I told him to put me in, but I've heard crickets from this consulting firm the last couple of times they were supposedly setting me up.

Plans for tomorrow:


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