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Mister Eclectic

12:30AM and counting. I always knew I worked best under pressure

Way late, which is bizarre because I was ready to write this 3 hours ago but fell down the Voice blind auditions rabbit hole. Stumbled on a 10 most difficult songs compilation, and I'm all WTF, how is Boy George a judge? Turns out the collection included clips not just from the US but also Australia, France, Brazil and UK. Trouble is the collection only showed the song, it didn't show the judge's comments after, so I had to look up a couple of them in the full versions.

This one has all the feels:

And this one because she is so adorable but sings so strongly:

But I'm getting behind myself.

The usual breakfast, plus a Kind bar later. Email started with a rejection from study.com, which made me seriously depressed, because it would have been great to work there. And because I didn't even get to a second interview. No other follow-ups today, hope is seriously fading. One new email, sent twice, from a guy who claims to be named John Victor, and lists his location as Milpitas. His photo & education says he's from India, but his company is based here. Anyhow, I replied asking why he sent the email twice, and why the title says manual tester but the description is for an automation engineer. No answer.

I had time to read all my favorite news sites. It amazes and annoys me that the home pages of the Canadian and British broadcasting services have more news from the USA than their own countries.

Twitch had two storm chasers on their way to Louisiana. One of them was only on for an hour or so, the other, who started out in South Dakota, is still streaming - now from his motel room somewhere outside NOLA.  

I forget what I watched on Tivo. Lunch was a smaller version of yesterday - 4 ha gow and one siapow. Siapow apparently is the Tagalog word for Cha Sua Bow, BBQ pork steamed bun. Thais call it Salapow or Sarapow, and I ate a lot of them in Bangkok, but they became an Event when I was making monthly trips across the peninsula from Haad Yai to Phuket. The bus always stopped at a spot in Pangna province just before the turnoff leading to the bridge. There was someone there who sold plastic sleeves with about a dozen big salapow for maybe $1, and I always bought one to last me the week I was on the island. That local bus ride was about 5 hours long, and this was the "are we there yet?" intersection.

Took a nap at about 2, Spook was already in the bed, and didn't move when I got in.

More storm chasers, also added favorites to my new Twitch ID. Last night I emailed the local tech crimes unit asking for advice on stopping the troller. I'm sure that's a zero priority for them.

At 3:05 there was a lot of noise outside, and my carport cam showed a delivery being made. It was the pressure washer.

Eventually I got out of bed and rescued it from the top step. Not too heavy, box in a box. This was a refurb, so no surprise that the inner box was dented. The unit was fine. It took a while to assemble, and I had to hunt for the nozzles which were cleverly hidden in slots on the side of the main unit. Then I set it aside because there was a lot of tropical storm coverage on TWC, and some stuff on Tivo. At 6 or so I asked Alexa what time sundown was, it said I had 2 1/2 hours, so plenty of time to try the washer.

Took it outside, hooked it up to the A/C outlet (had to pull out the car charger plug), screwed in the garden hose, untangled the pressure hose from the very long A/C cord. Aimed the stream at the algae and it cut it like butter. Yay!

It was sunny out there so I put the washer gun down, got my sun hat from the car and applied SPF50 to both arms.

It took about an hour to clear the ramp and the section above it. The areas around the gutter spouts also needed a squirt. But after that was done there were still a lot of rust-like stains which the washer had no effect on. Light orange, no idea what they were, because there is no source for rust - all the cars I've parked there were new-ish, and rust-free.

Disassembled the washer and put it in the shed. Went online and discovered that the orange stains are a common problem - they are caused by pyrites and ferrous minerals in the concrete coming to the surface and oxidizing. The solution seems to be vinegar, which I have a lot of from my pickling days.

The clean-up was my aerobics for the day. Plopped into the recliner, turned on the fan and watched more TWC, which was pre-empting the reruns to cover the tropical storm, which had fooled them by slowing from 6 mph to 3 mph and losing 10 mph in wind velocity. They sure know how to kick a dead horse at TWC.

Enough of that, there were two episodes of Love Island, one TMZ and one PTI to watch. Love Island wasn't so good, the women spent most of the episodes in non-revealing clothing, though it was open shirt weekend for the guys. One of them kept twerkng his pecs, highly annoying.

Except for the pressure washing, it was a depressing and boring day. I didn't feel hungry enough for more than salad for dinner, and later a can of crab meat and even later some peanut butter. Blew off pizza night. Also blew off getting a manicure.

Plans for tomorrow:
See if vinegar works on the orange stains
Watch storm chasers & TWC
There's an auction at the local auction house, but I need to not buy any more Stuff
Maybe a Goodwill run?

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