Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Vinegar is a lie, trifle can be a major production

Stayed in bed till almost noon, so the usual breakfast was sort of lunch. I peeled and sliced two of Lee's apples and drizzled honey on them for a snack.

As planned, I poured some vinegar on the rust colored concrete, let it set, brushed it and hosed it down. No change.

Spook took over the bed when I got up. Actually before I got up.

Took my shopping list to Lucky's and bought all the things for Nancie's trifle recipe. Her way everything is made from scratch - the pudding, the cake, the whipped cream. I bought a Sarah Lee frozen pound cake, canned whipped cream and Jello vanilla and chocolate pudding cups. Also bought strawberries - they were on sale and I wasn't sure I had enough in the fridge. I knew I had enough blueberries, so I passed on those. Also got some salad stuff, HB eggs, Hagen Daaaaas Irish cream ice cream squares, and a $12 bottle of cheap cream sherry (1500 ml). Nancie did not include booze in her recipe, but her historical write-up mentions sherry.

On the way home, got caught in stupidity traffic. The city is making handicap ramps on some of the corners of the road I take to and from Lucky's. The alternate route is under major construction, so not an option. Idiot city workers didn't finish the ramp, so they left the chunks in place, surrounded by heavy duty barriers, and closed off one lane at a spot where three main roads converge at a 3-way traffic light. There's really no excuse for that.

Put stuff away except for the trifle ingredients which I staged for later.

Checked in on the storm chasers, they had all given up on Barry doing any major damage and went home. Metal detect guy was with geocaching gal, and she ended her stream early too. Last night I watched my favorite over-endowed Thai DJ for a little while. She has been working out.

TWC has invested millions in deploying "meteorologists" all over the NOLA area, and even though the storm has fizzled out they continue to cover it as if it is still a major catastrophic event. There is some minor flooding, and as expected a lot of power outages because the South doesn't know how to enforce standards, if they even have them.

Delivered was a pack of Roombah brushes. Looking at the arlo cam recording it happened when I was shopping.

Tomorrow I will make a house call for a friend whose PC is being weird. Also a chance to chat. I wanted to call middle sister and talk but she was at a baseball game.

Dinner was thinly sliced beef from the Korean market with caramelized onions & garlic, in Bulgogi sauce. It was horrible - the beef was all gristle. Now I know why it was 1/3 of the price of the ribs. I never even got to the rice underneath before my jaw surrendered.

Made the trifle, it took about 40 minutes, partly because the berries had to set a while to release syrup after adding sugar. It's in the fridge till tomorrow.

For dessert I made a mini trifle, just a small bowl of cake pieces, sherry, strawberries , chocolate pudding and whipped cream. Pretty close to my usual dessert.

Watched a lot of Roy and Lone. There was an ex on the beach recording but it was just a 3-minute teaser. :-(

Two CFL games. I ffed one to the last 5 minutes and forgot to watch and deleted the other by accident. I'm not a big fan of Canadian football - they bend over backwards to pretend they are Canadian and not what they really are - a dumping ground for failed and discriminated against American players. I am surprised CK hasn't gone there, considering how much he disrespects the USA.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get out of bed at a reasonable hour
4:30 visit to friend's place
Take the undies out of the dryer and put them away

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