Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Movimg Right Along

Spook spent a lot of the night curled up on the bed within reach. I stayed in bed till about 8:30, Hgl was okay, forgot to measure my BP today.

Not much to do, no deliveries, no projects. The usual B&W TV shows on Tivo, plus an actual episode of Love Island which was completely devoid of thongs and focused way too much on the most frantic woman in the house.  I see her being dumped off the island at the next "recoupling". Talking to her is like talking into a tornado. Nothing you say will be heard, she never stops. And she has the worst hair in the house. She also has the biggest fake boobs.

Lunch started with a salad, and I was planning on a chopped liver sandwich but the chopped liver had turned bad. Been in the fridge too long after I took it out of the freezer. One tub of that left, this time after I defrost it I'm cutting it into 3 or 4 servings and re-freezing in ziplock bags. Chopped liver is a major undertaking, and it's something you can't find in stores.

So I made baloney and cheese sandwiches with a slice of onion - had to jettison the onion, it was too intense.

Also on Tivo was an episode of one of those country veterinarian family shows. Animal Planet has two of these, and they serve communities close to each other, and the other one did an episode on a wolf rescue a few weeks ago, this one did the same place this week.

Went over to Janice's, adjusted some of her PC settings and installed Ad Block Plus. She didn't understand how ads on web sites worked, she just knew that the pages resize seemingly at random, which is annoying. Good to get away from feeling useless for a change.

Home, dinner was a frozen beef and mashed meal, trifle for dessert. I'm not a drinker, but the sherry sure adds a lot to that recipe.

Changed the litterbox cartridge. Took out all the garbages.

Took the undies out of the dryer, still have to fold them and put them away. Would have done it earlier but Spook was on the bed guarding the laundry basket.

Had an interesting Skype conversation. Someone claiming to be a 32-year-old woman from NE Scotland (a small village between Inverness and Aberdeen) who thinks I am handsome and marriage material. She said she thinks I'm in my early 50's. The name she is using is a common British first name and her last name is the first name of the first king of what became Ghana. She claims to have never been to Africa though her father, who died in a car crash, is buried there. Her syntax (we typed, did not go to video) doesn't match someone who grew up in Scotland. She sounds like she is a native speaker of a different language, but her spelling is American. Ghana would have given her a British accent & spelling.

I broke off for lunch, was at Janice's when she called back. Probably will hear from her tomorrow. Let's see if she will video chat. We exchanged photos by email. The woman in her photos is attractive, but not too good to be true.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take out the pressure washer and work on some mold/mildew on the part of the carport the car hid when I worked on the ramp.
Monday, I expect calls/feedback from recruiters.
Talk to a finance person at the realtor's about how to buy a house in NV while waiting to sell one here.
Try not to buy everything on sale on Prime Day

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