Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Most Unusual Day

Spook was on the bed but not next to me most of the night and next to me when I got up and was reading on the tablet. The usual morning stuff, then my mystery woman in Scotland skyped me, we chatted for hours. I took a break for lunch & my storm chaser, and when it got to be bedtime for her I asked if she would video chat. Well, much to my surprise she answered the video call, her mic was not on but sure enough she was in bed and live, and she is the person in the photos she sent. Amazeballs.

She also knew all about the history of her name, but from the viewpoint of someone who was given it in honor of her grandma. She said she uses American spellings because she's studied American business in school. I'm now about 80% sure she is for real. She has been coming on way too strong about moving here to marry me, and sometimes her syntax slips in ways it wouldn't if she was Scots, but then she was raised in part by Africans, so...

Tomorrow if she connects again I'll tell her about my many chronic diseases, and see what happens.

Lots of stuff on Tivo. More to watch tomorrow too. TWC is back to playing reruns.

One thing about her asking for photos is it reminded me that most of my garden/spook/selfie pix are on the phone, so in the background I just slurped them into my PC. Skype has a gallery feature to drag & drop them into the chat.

And I just found the people search. If you type any name into the search box it will list everyone on Skype whose name is even close. It only need a first name.

I was broadcasting on Twitch several times today, and just left it running for several hours, and no sign of the annoying boy. Chatting with one of my friends from the storm chasers, the troller was on her channel a lot, but not since Friday. Further evidence it is who I think it is.

Didn't do much outside. Unplugged the car, decided the driveway didn't need any more washing, pulled in the garbage bins as they were collected. Watered the gardens. Headed a lot of roses. Got the mail - three pieces of spam. And one announcement of an experimental operetta Gilbert without Sullivan.

Thanks to mystery woman, I didn't get around to talking to a realtor.

Lunch was breaded fish fillets, trifle for dessert. Yellow curry chicken on rice for dinner, ice cream sandwich and HagenD Irish Cream square for dessert - don't buy those things, they don't have enough alcohol to taste like the real thing. The dark chocolate is nice but it doesn't cover the whole square.

Plans for tomorrow:
Manicure - where? The local place does a poor job. Time to ask Yelp.
Skype with Beatrice
Get outside! Baylands is nice when the weather is hot.

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