Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two Steps Forward in theory

The day started off with the recruiter for the latest Google job emailing I was short-listed and might get an offer this evening. And then crickets.
Phone call when I was shopping, recruiter for the latest Roku job said to expect a phone interview. And then crickets.
But it's Thursday, and there's still a working day left this week.

No new job prospects, but several messages from other pimps describing the Roku job and from other describing the Google job. One guy sent it twice. Robo-recruiting. :-(

Lots of Tivo. Love Island, Ex on the Beach, TMZ, Are You The One? Love Island sent in a pair of ringers, and sent home two of the original girls, neither of whom deserved it. They really should have brought two more guys on and let the single women stay. Are You The One? is a cluster fork because it is designed to not give away the $1 million. This series is the most unfair ever, since everyone is allegedly bi, and anyone might be anyone else's match. But there is no way to tell what gender the psychologists have a contestant matched up with, let alone which person. It's annoying.

TMZ is in a rut, they keep covering the same stories. And the staff has forgotten how to speak one at a time. I need to un-follow t.

PTI tried to do it with substitutes for both Tony & Mike and it was boring.

Streamed for an hour, toward the end someone (not or troller) decided to be a jerk. He has his own stream, so I put a follow in that, and may return the favor. Or just lurk.

Watched a storm chaser for about an hour, pretty sunset lightning storm in the middle of the country.

Morning grocery shopping for salad toppings, also a vanilla candle and mochi.

I didn't get to sleep till 3 am, so was still in bed when Scotland babe skyped. I took the call on my phone and was able to send selfies to her. Including a few (at her request) of Spook.

I called her on the Walmart photo, and she tried to lie her way out of it, but she knows I visit the UK often and know there are no Walmarts there. Her excuse is an ex took her to Ottawa. She has issues, she says, talking about having an ex. What's funny is when she is flustered her grammar goes into African Native Speaker mode.

So I know for sure that although she is the person in her photos, she is not who she claims to be, and probably not where she claims to be either.

She's due to skype me any minute ow, on her way to the airport and a trip to Ghana.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hang loose for interviews
job hunting
Storm chasers

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