Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day of Fries

I really ought to go to pizza night tonight but I had pizza for lunch.

Scottish girlfriend yesterday kept nagging me for $$, so this morning I blocked her from Skype and gmail, deleted WhatsApp from my phone & PC and that's that. Before she asked for $$ she sent me a couple of pornographic videos of herself on WhatsApp, and some naked photos on Skype. Image lookup and the date stamps showed the photos actually were her, made yesterday. I didn't check the videos. There was audio, but all moans, no actual words. It was fun while it lasted, I'm sure she has plenty of other marks to bilk.
I did most of that from bed, ironically, and didn't get out of bed till after noon. Had breakfast at 1. My hgl was through the roof and BP was a bit high. Shot up my usual morning insulin and then some.

Lunch was about 3, a personal DiGiornio pizza. Tim tams for dessert. Last night dessert was ice cream, and it triggered my small intestines something awful. Had to break out the carpet shampoo machine this morning.

Okay, I lied. I got out of bed to pee and weigh myself at 7:30. Then back to bed. I lost 6 lbs in the past 2 days. All that walking in the heat...

Caught up on email and PTI. Watched an episode of Below Deck which Tivo claimed was broadcast last week, but some research says it was from 2014. No wonder most of the crew were strangers to me. I thought they had a year off after the hurricane, but no, I did see all of the following season. New boat and some new crew is all. Looks like the news season (7) is not till October.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch some storm chasers if they are out
Get out!

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