Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Apple Pie

Woke up just before 7. Did I mention yesterday that I'd lost 6 lbs on my trip? Another pound this morning. Not eating 3 meals helps.

Back in bed, watched some videos but my eyes dry out quickly these days, so out and about at 8.

The usual breakfast - the last banana. I should write a book or play by that name.

Sometime after email & news sites, I decided to make an apple pie out of the many small apples Lee had given me before the trip. Use 'em or lose 'em. I peeled and sliced them, added some mint sugar syrup, brown and white sugars, cinnamon (I am almost out!) nutmeg, corn starch. And realized I did not have pie shells, so off to GO where I plugged in the car, and bought what I thought were two pie shells, a big container of cinnamon, bananas, strawberries, whipped cream, sliced olives, chips, dip and chopped clams. They were out of marinated artichoke hearts, tim tams and did not have an apple peeler (I couldn't find my real one, had used a paring knife). Breaded fish fillets and honey BBQ wings. And hummus.

Home, looked up a couple of recipes, there was also one on the pie shell bag. Added flour and walnuts to the mix.

There were two shells in each bag, but they are deep dish so I only needed one. Baked for 30 minutes, then for 7 more.

About 4 pm the pie was cool enough to try a piece, it was superb.  

Watched all the episodes of Love Island on the Tivo. 5 of them I think. I really hate how they jettison people from the island, and the way they do it sucks.

Watched some Live Rescue and some Live PD. Lunch was a small salad and did I even have lunch? Ha gow and small pork bun, I think. Or was that yesterday? Dinner was salad and mini falafel with hummus, but the mini falafel sucked so they were disposed of and I nuked three honey BBQ wings. A slice of pie for dessert, topped with whipped cream.

Ginger ale to drink, I wanted to slice some fresh ginger that I bought at GO but it was in an opaque bag and when opened was all moldy.:-(

Soaked the strawberries in water & vinegar as usual.

Streamed a countdown timer for 2 hours then went live for an hour. Nobody on chat. A couple of new follows, one a troll, two were familiar names which had not followed before.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check the backup. It maybe be a full one, which means I will need to free up space for it
No coffee date - J is in Idaho
I may not take out the garbage til Monday morning, because they no longer collect it before I am up & dressed.
Water the plants
Chinese grocery for Thai tea & ginger

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