Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Too much shopping again

Woke up at 7, took a leak, weighed myself (gained 1.1#) and went back to bed, but not to sleep. Spook curled up on my cutoffs on the chair near the window. She joined me in bed later.

Decided to check out videos, the rabbit hole was very deep, I got out at 11:30.

Hgl was okay, BP was actually a little low. The new meds are working.

Putting some athlete's foot stuff on my left big toe which looked like the nail had mostly fallen off and what was left had fungus on it - on closer inspection the whole tip of the toe is a huge blood blister. I really should have my feet looked at - that walk in Sacto in closed-toed shoes and socks did a number on my big toes.

On my shopping list was two stops and very few items:

Taj Mahal grocery (mostly Indian but lots of Arab stuff because around here Indians include Pakistani muslims) only wanted their excellent frozen falafel. It took a while to find (they moved all the Arab stuff from the freezers near the door to the ones along the back wall). And also found some good chunks of fresh ginger root.

Next stop, the Chinese supermarket, which is not far and on my way home. Coconut water and Thai tea. But I also grabbed $30 of $10 a package Korean short beef ribs, which were several $/lb less than at the Korean supermarket. And a bag of peeled, tail-off uncooked shrimp for $12, and some limes.

Home, put stuff away, it was late for lunch so I mixed the other half of the clams into the other half of the French onion dip, and poured about half of the leftover potato chips into a bowl and munched on that in lieu of lunch while watching Live Rescue and LivePD. Tivo records 3 hours each, of which maybe 10 minutes are interesting.

Eventually there was salad followed by falafel and hummus for dinner. This falafel is a WIN. Crispy, just spicy enough to be like the Israeli kind. A slice of home made apple pie for dessert.

And then I come online and see reports of a mass shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Local police waited till 10 pm (4 hours later) to hold a press conference, and they forgot to put a mic on the lectern for their FB live feed. Looking at TV news reports, 3 dead, including a child, plus the shooter was shot by police. 15 others sent to various hospitals but no reports yet on whether they were shot -- or trampled in the mad rush for the exits.

As usual, most of the media is passing along unsubstantiated rumors.

I streamed for an hour, many new followers (they cannot chat until they have followed for a week), only one of them had a handle which was suspicious. A couple were actually legit streamers. One person came in on chat who had been a regular when I streamed a marbles game.

Email a week early to apply for unemployment benefits, which I did, and they paid one week's worth. I am now out of benefits. Went online to my brokerage and transferred some cash to my checking account. Most of it will pay down a credit card.

Ordered more of each kind of insulin from Kaiser. On eBay ordered a used webcam to match the ones I use indoors - half price even after shipping. The replacement livingroom cam is a FAIL, since it doesn't take numbered presets.

On Amazon, ordered two sets of spice bottles, 7 oz and 4 oz. I have way too many spices in the cabinet in open bags which are in the way when I want to get to the ones I use routinely, and they are way disorganized.

Took out the kitchen garbage and broke down the cardboard boxes and bundled them. Watered all the outdoor plants.

Plans for tomorrow:
Water the indoor plants
Take out the recycleds and the cardboard (those aren't collected till afternoon)
Job hunt
Monday, so I expect calls from Indian pimps and possibly email from legit recruiters.
Marinate one of the packages of Korean beef ribs. I suppose I should take it out of the freezer first

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