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Booboo attended to

Up with the alarm, the usual breakfast, read all the online things, won a game of tiles and lost at solitaire.

Drove to the Mountain View clinic, was a few minutes early, and although the receptionist said they were running late the nurse took me in before I had a chance to stow my credit card receipt.

Nurse asked the usual questions, one of which is whether I was in any kind of abusive relationship.

Doctor arrived, even more adorable than her photo. She was on loan from the ER in the Santa Clara hospital. She drained the hematoma on my left big foot, decided there was nothing wrong with my right big toe except fungus and the nail needed to be trimmed, but the tool she had available didn't do the job. Normally they prescribe an oral med for the fungus, but between the diabetes and the blood thinner they can't give it to me. She also found out that Kaiser won't cover having my toenails worked on, and recommended a podiatrist in Cupertino who does this service for $60 a session. That's way out of the way for me. She left a message for my doctor asking if there is a way to get me covered in-house.

A nurse wrapped the left one very carefully, and they sent me home. I stepped into the pharmacy looking for a sharps container and BD alcohol swabs, but they have re-arranged the place, and there are no diabetic supplies anymore. That's just plain rude. I had dropped off a full sharps container on my way into the clinic.

Home, ordered those things online as well as heavy duty nail clippers.

Made a small salad and a few honey BBQ ribs with mixed veggies for lunch. Apple pie dessert.

Watched my usual storm chaser streamer who was on a couple of hours late because he had been distracted by selling a car. Or some other high finances. We were not bothered by trollers, probably because he's not home this weekend as his mom is out of the state checking out a boarding school for him. Then I streamed for a couple of hours, several of my old time chatters showed up. and more follows from legit users.

Followed the news from Gilroy, still very little official from Gilroy PD. By now I had expected Homeland Security to step in, but they haven't. Shooter was 19, a local boy, bought the assault rifle legally online and picked it up in person in Nevada from a legit gun shop after the usual background check. This would have been prevented with a national assault rifle ban - they are not legal to buy in California.

All three dead were children.

By killing the shooter, the cops took away the answer to "why?". 

I used to go to the Garlic Festival every year, but haven't been probably since 1996.

Watched PTI.  Both hosts are back. Yay! Paused it to make dinner. 5 strips of Korean BBQ beef ribs and mixed veggies. 2nd to last piece of apple pie with whipped cream for dessert.

I may stream some more after I post this.

Listening to the Hua Hin station on TuneIn, they are mostly playing farang songs. Boo hiss. Switched to a more Thai station, Cool Fahrenheit, which they pronounce as "coon" because in Thai a final L becomes an N. Hebrew got me prepared for the Thai final letter changes, except in Hebrew the shape of the character changes but the pronunciation remains the same.

Got two recruiter calls, one for a manual tester job with YouTube in San Bruno, which is a long commute but that's why I have commuter lane tags. The other was from the recruiter who had gotten me the interview with Google, saying the woman who was hired instead of me is having problems with her visa, am I still available. Yes, I am, but one part of me hopes she gets her visa straightened out. My very first full time job I had interviewed right after graduation, and they hired someone else so I went to San Francisco looking for work. After 6 months they called to say the person they hired didn't work out, did I want the job?  

Plans for tomorrow:

Don't know. I'll think of something

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