Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Thursday Backdated

Thursday was a get out of bed on time day. Had promised Janice to be at her place ~11 to install the router I'd given her. Did my usual morning things, and filled in some time by streaming.

Got to her place, we did our usual weekend catch-up since she was in Idaho last weekend and had News. Then I answered a dozen computer and phone questions, and the bottom line was there was nothing wrong with her router (it's better than the one I gave her) or her wi-fi or cable connections. She's just electronics phobic. Strange because she worked at Stanford for a long time, and her late brother was an engineer (I knew him from Usenet tech groups before I met her on a Usenet social group).

She took me to lunch at an alleged Nepalese restaurant, which I'd gone to before and complained to her that it wasn't any different than an Indian place. She wanted to prove me wrong, but when we stepped up to the buffet it was all the usual Indian food. There is a Nepalese thing called moma which they don't have at lunchtime, but that's the only thing which sets them apart from the 3,487 Indian eateries in the Bay Area. Actually, the buffet was pretty stingy - I won't be back.

Put my router in the trunk of my car and headed for the one MV massage place which may have my kind of service. Pulled into the tiny parking lot, which they share with 4 other shops including a gun store. Sign on their front door said they were closed August 1-15 for remodeling. Happy August Fools Day!

Home, looked online for alternatives and found none. So I paid for a month of Adult Friend Finder, which had been advertising for QA people, but they were all about automation. The site is very slow, the layout is non-intuitive and awkward in parts. Everything you want to do on the site they want more $$ for, it seems. I'll stick with the basic membership, no need to connect with people who have free accounts.

I think dinner was spring rolls and mixed veggies, or was that the night before? There was salad for sure. I forgot I had chocolate cake so I made berries & whipped cream on sherry-soaked stale pound cake pieces.

Watched PTI and Love Island. The producers rigged the re-coupling ceremony so horribly that the woman with the searchlight eyes quit the show, which meant two men got booted off instead of just one. The two who lost out would have been coupled up if the game had not been rigged. At least I won't have to look at this one guy's total torso and arms tattoos.

Took an hour to stream again, only one follow from a troller, the rest were real streamers.

Started playback of the NFL Hall of Fame game, will watch the rest tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Spend too much time on AFF
Watch football

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