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Well, gnats, actually.

I had recently bought some bug-eating plants, but Venus flytraps don't attract anything smaller than a fly, and the pitcher plants are probably the same. I got some butterwarts, which do gobble up gnats, but I only have one which is not dormant, have to move it to the kitchen sink where the gnats have gathered, from the livingroom.

Just did, but it was on the floor - Spook apparently decided it was a toy. Ripped it out of the pot. Grrr. It will probably grow back.

She's been very playful lately, lots of her toys have magically relocated themselves to places in the house they have never been before. Somehow. however, she totally didn't show up when I made the bed with new sheets.

Okay, so I went online and the Half Moon Bay Predatory Plants store finally has several varieties of gnat-eating plants in stock. Last time I looked, maybe 2 months ago, they didn't. $75 worth, 6 plants, 4 varieties.

I used to have that many around the house but without bugs to eat, they shriveled up.

This morning was a FAIL. I stayed in bed till 10, when the phone rang and Automation Guy called to chat. After he was done I went back to bed and the adult dating site, where dozens of people and scammers contacted me. Most of them were gay men and couples, and much of my time was spent filling in my profile info to ward off people looking for a "bear" aka fat gay man with facial & maybe chest hair and for couples looking for a threesome or more-some. The site is slow and not very user friendly, so I had to delete all my photos and re-upload them into specific albums, and juggle them until the one I wanted was my profile picture.

Bottom line is I didn't get out and about till 1 pm! Yikes.

Lunch was breakfast.

I just barely made it in time for the end of the storm chaser's drive home, and the end of metal detector guy's stream. He's been traveling to the DC area, which he euphemistically calls Virginia, in a poorly disguised way to be with another streamer of the female persuasion who lives there. It's a bit of a drive from upstate NY, but what people do for love, and for better metal detection finds. He has dug up a lot more interesting/valuable stuff in VA than in NY.

Streamed for a bit 5-6 pm after watching the NFL Hall of Fame Game, with one finger on the FF button. And the center speaker muted. In a nutshell, both Denver and Atlanta players have butterfingers. The winning TD was a missed Denver pass, tipped by the Atlanta defender, then juggled into possession by the intended receiver. It was sad.  And it was made possible by a bogus pass interference call about 5 plays earlier. The zebras were calling way too many penalties, and made a lot of mistakes.

Also watched an episode of Love Island, and TMZ. The latter is so repetitious that I deleted all but today's episode. Watched half of Live Rescue mostly FFed through it because they spend way too much time on the set, patting themselves on the back, and their advertisers are many and obnoxious. All the insurance companies, of course.

Nuked today's PTI because both regular hosts were AWOL and one of the substitutes just rubs me the wrong way.

Delivered was the 16 oz spice jar set.  And the webcam from eBay, which turned out to be broken. I ordered one from a different vendor, not due to  arrive till next week. Meanwhile the one which doesn't do custom presets is back in service.

Dinner was a WIN. About 2 cups of uncooked tail-off peeled shrimp, brought to a boil, a cup of macaroni added. Strained and dumped into a ceramic bowl with slices of Swiss and mozzarella, nuked to melt the cheeses, then sprinkled with Parmesan. Ate about 2/3, put the leftovers in the fridge. Dessert was a single slice of black forest cake (the other slice went back into the fridge).

Plans for tomorrow:
Print spice jar labels on the heavy duty blanks. They appear to be the same format at Avery's standard 8160 address labels
Re-port the spices into size-appropriate jars and make a space for them in one of the kitchen cabinets
Put three loads of laundry away
Water the indoor plants. And the outdoor ones too.
Stream for a bit
Follow any weekend storm chasers.
Check in with the dating site
Maybe go somewhere

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