Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The day before they pick up the garbage

aka Sunday
I just brought a very heavy garbage bin out to the curb. My insulin comes wrapped in a thick foam pad folded in half and packed with 4 or 6 cold packs. They weigh a lot, and there were three of them. I used to save the foam for shipping things and the cold packs for picnics and such, but now I just throw them away.

Spook started the night in bed with me, but not close enough to pet. She was gone by morning. I woke up to pee at about 6, then back to sleep, and the 7:30 alarm surprised me.

I may have answered some hangouts messages in bed, but was chomping on a banana and HB egg by about 9, I think.

Read the news, two mass shootings in one day. This goes beyond mere gun control laws. People are being raised to hate. I wonder how much of this can be blamed on the fact that many if not most of our kids today were raised by people who fought overseas in meaningless wars.

One thing which would help is the Supreme Court finally coming out and recognizing that the 2nd Amendment is obsolete, and became obsolete when the international community recognized the USA as a legitimate nation.

12:45, off to the photo shoot. It started late, but we were told about that - for a change the model had a makeup artist. And needed one, because her face was somewhat pock marked under the foundation. MUA did not do enough with her eyes. MUA was actually prettier than the model, I think.

Too many photogs - 10 plus the host. We had changes in lighting after each round, and a change of outfit and backdrop at halftime. I was using my 85mm mostly, 50mm for the second half until the lightning round where I used the 35mm.

The deal was bokah. He wanted us to use high ISO and low f-stops. The longer the lens the more bokah, which is why I had to use the 85mm a lot. The PC is backing up my media drive, so I won't get to download the photos till tomorrow. I don't think I captured anything special. The model was not very good. She wore 5-inch heels under a full-length dress, which was stupid because it meant she couldn't move. Height doesn't matter in a photo studio. She never smiled, even when asked to. Her eyes were green (against dark skin) but they were colored contacts.

Home a little after 4. I've had some sexy talk in email and AFF messages, and one women seems to be in Sunnyvale on business wanting to get together. We'll see. The most promising woman was in St. Louis, but she writes whole chapters about how she is loyal and god-fearing and athletic and she always tacks on a couple of sentences about oral sex, which don't match the rest of the message. The photos she sends are all G-rated, and she hasn't responded to my asking if she wants a racy once from me. I replied that I don't think we're a match.

Not much else going on. I streamed for an hour, no chatters but several followers.

Dinner was steamed dim sum. Grapes in whipped cream for dessert.

Hgl was through the roof this morning. I think it's down to normal now. BP was low.

Watched some live PD, but nothing really of interest there.

I did finish putting the spices in jars and attaching labels which don't peel off. Lots of seeds went from two or three smaller jars into one big one. After I thought it was all done and I started to make room for the jars, I found a packet of paprika - which had started the whole project - and one of oregano, so I printed labels and will put them in jars tomorrow. And I will go online and order some Hungarian paprika since that packet is only good for one serving of deviled eggs.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take in the garbage and take out the recycleds
Finish the spice project
Follow up on job hunt
Process the photo shoot pix

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