Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Too Much Fun on Garbage Day

Up at 7:30, out of bed at 9, Once again Spook started out in bed with me but disappeared until I was up.
The usual breakfast. I need more HB eggs. Threw out the PNB - that Safeway organic stuff is lame. Laura Scudders is my favorite brand, my mom liked Adams or something like that, but it is too dry.

As expected, it's Monday and there was a barrage of recruiting pmps all pushing the same two jobs. The final one of the day listed a job at YouTube in San Bruno as being in Mountain View because he didn't read the description, and assumed that since it's a Google owned company it was in the same city as Google. Idiot. Indian. Or maybe Pakistani.

Hgl was high again, forgot to take a BP reading.

Delivered was another webcam from eBay, this one is also inoperative. I was able to fire it up and reset it, and saw it on the router, but it wouldn't connect to its HTML page. Foscam, the company which makes it, was bought out, and no longer supports their cameras, but the cmpany which bought them looks like it has similar ones. I need to do some research and buy a new one.

The adult dating site women have been active. One who claims to be from Fernley, NV but is actually from Russia, and is staying at a hotel near me was all set for me to go over there and pick her up for a date, but wait, she is a professional model under contract to some human trafficker in the Philippines, and it will cost $450 for a "gate pass" to let her go out. So she is now blocked. Sigh.

In the meantime a woman in Auburn, WA continues to have a pleasant conversation, interrupted by hours of silence. She just disappears, no "i have to wash my hair", no nothing. And there's one woman who does chat with me in adult language. Someone else emailed me some head shots. Very pretty eyes.

Lunch was falafel, dinner was the second to last bit of yellow curry chicken. I need to make some more curry. Chicken and shrimp I think. Green curry? Or Penang? I have way too much curry paste in the house.

As expected, the garbage was collected while I was on the computer, and I took it in and brought out the recycled stuff in plenty of time for the afternoon truck.

Arlo front door cam keeps triggering when my nextdoor neighbor comes out from working on my side of her garden.

Washed the quilt, it was looking faded. Looks better now. Still have cutoffs and a pair of pants and T-shirts to put away.

Plans for tomorrow:
more job stuff, I hope
More adult web site stuff, I expect

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