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Tuesdays At Two Three Four Four-thirty

At 2:30 am one of my dating site women started a conversation on Hangouts. My phone beep for that is sharp and woke me up. We chatted a little, but I didn't get to sleep till 4. 7:30 alarm woke me, then back to sleep till 9.

Two recruiters to deal with, one said he didn't get my email reply, so I took the PC out of sleep mode and the NIC card had gone to sleep. Rebooted to start it up again. There's a setting for that somewhere. Found it in device manager. We'll see.

One recruiter was all about me waiting by the phone for an interview call, which never happened. Typical. 11 am I was all ready for Nancie's Tuesdays At Two live stream, but crickets. 2 her time is 11 my time. Kept checking, finally gave up and watched my usual storm chaser, another actually chasing a storm, and metal detector guy - but he closed up shop early. Storm warning I think. Also watched the SpaceX launch.

The woman in Sicily broke the spell and asked for $$ to pay her air fare to visit me. It was fun while it lasted. I have two others chatting, we'll see where it goes. Meanwhile, the site has a certification routine where you send them a photo of you holding your ID and they verify you. That gets the word "Confirmed" across your profile pic, so I did that. The were very quick about it. First time failed because I'd accidentally sent my previous CDL (expired). So now I know to look for that on women's profile photos. 

 I am amazed for an X-rated site, how many women are looking for a G-rated relationship.

Nancie apparently came online at 4:30 my time - 7:30 her time. I watched some of the video, but she is still without a working oven and the cold veggie salad did not appeal to me, and even less the American style sandwich she bought at the Cambodian owned sandwich shop. Down here the Cambodians own most of the donut places.

Lunch was falafel. Dinner a combo of Honey BBQ wings and mini beef meatballs. Salad first of course. Watched Below Deck Mediterranean, thoroughly disgusted with the PDAs between the lazy deck hand and the horny stewardess. And the total blondness of the replacement 3rd stew. And I think Capt. Sandy has a thing for the boson. She pretends she is just encouraging him to learn more about the ship by letting him drive, and track the weather from the wheelhouse, but I think there's more to it. Unlike the rest of the crew, they know how to be discreet.

Delivered was the toenail fungicide.

I did not go outside at all today. Not even for the mail. Need to do that tomorrow morning. Eff the recruiters, I will have my phone wit me when I go out.

Plans for tomorrow:

Collect the mail
Baylands or 7 Seas park.
Lots and lots of trashy TV on Tivo
Dating site has settled down now, but there may be hangouts chats

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