Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hump Day Blues

The phone started ringing at 6 am. And then voicemail and text - about a dozen contacts from the same Indian pimp, till about noon when I emailed him to stop already. It was, of course, a job I had applied for at least once before.

One more repeat job offer, this time from a different pimp at an agency where I had told the previous person to get lost because he lied and was annoying. I responded saying I would try with the new pimp if (s)he met my top $$ requirement. Crickets.

AG called at about 10, nice to chat. Turns out his Vegas trip is next weekend not last weekend. He suggested I come along, but I'm still in denial.

Ordered what looked like the equivalent Amcrest webcam to the ones I have from Foscam. Delivery expected tomorrow. Meanwhile I left a message for the last eBay seller asking if he changed the port number.

Way too much time on the dating site. Another internet rabbit hole. But all my hangouts chat partners have abandoned me. Scammers all. But I have two more email pals who seem to be legit. Reverse lookup on their photos come back clean.

Had cold cuts for lunch, refilled Spook's new water fountain, then headed out to the park, but remembered there was a massage place in Los Altos aka MV which I wanted to check out. I'd been there decades ago, and the building it is in is where we use to have the songwriters' meetups. Long-ish drive, took me past the now-legit place. Got to the site and the parking lots were fenced off, some kind of construction coming soon, but the sign in the window said the massage place was open. It lied. The door downstairs was locked and the one upstairs with the sign is dark and empty.

Back the way I came, went to the one I'd gone to last time, had to wait 10 minutes - they were very busy. Massage was better, but still safe for police inspections. Darn it. Passed by two more closed places. I may have to bite the bullet and try San Jose.

Printed labels for oregano and paprika, but I am still waiting for the paprika to be delivered (the small packet of plain paprika isn't worth using, I have Hungarian on order, both mild and hot). I should probably toss the oregano packet - I have fresh killed oregano from the garden in my freezer, and more in the garden.  I need basil, though. It won't grow in my garden but does well on the kitchen table.

Took out a ziploc of 8 chicken thighs to thaw. Not sure if I'll make curry or something else.

Home from the massage, was hit with low Hgl episode, 72 and falling. Klondike bar helped, chocolate milk helped more. Watched PTI but paused it and fell asleep in the recliner for 90 minutes. Low blood sugar is very draining and disorienting. Also had low-ish BP. Felt worse than it measured.

Fried up 4 parantha (roti) and made some Penang curry dip. The roti didn't puff up and was way too oily. Probably was open in the freezer too long. I have some puff parantha still sealed in there... Only ate 2, will put the dip in a container and the oily roti in a ziploc. Did not make a salad. Ice cream sandwiches (2) for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to get out of bed at a reasonable hour
Go to the park
Lucky's -milk & eggs


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