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Hummmmmm and Icebox Pie

Adult dating site has quieted down. Except for me being stupid early in the morning. Got a message from a woman claiming to be in Malaysia to whom I had sent a message. 1:30 am, she wanted to send sexy photos. The site was not playing well with my tablet, and she did not want to use hangouts so I fired up the PC for a Facebook live session. Except she did not want to use FB after all, she pointed me to a site in China which said she was in China. I did the free registration bit, but anything you want to do on that site costs $20. Scammer. After some BS about her computer not having a camera I blocked her on FB and went back to bed. Didn't fall asleep till 4 am. This morning when I went to check, she had been kicked off the adult site.

Up late, so up late. 11 or so. High Hgl but okay BP. No weight change.

As threatened, breakfast was instant oatmeal - maple flavored. There is also apple, brown sugar and some others in the huge variety box. I could have sliced in my last banana but didn't.

Lunch was a store bought chef salad, to which I added red onion, sliced black olives and tomatoes. An ice cream sandwich and a popsicle for dessert.

Watched PTI. Two episodes were listed but Tivo recorded some other lame ESPN talk show instead for the first one, and the real one Mike was AWOL.

Ex on the Beach had two episodes. Romeo, the MC, gets on my nerves. He talks like he is in remedial reading class, and dropped out of school after 6th grade. He doesn't speak as much as orates. Looks like his dad owned a music production company and helped him break into the industry as a child rapper. He was on a basketball scholarship to USC but they cut him in his junior year. All of that helps explain his problems using the English language. He's also the MC of Are You The One?

Took a break to sit on the porch, but after a while it got hot and I noticed the hummingbird feeders were empty. So I refilled them, this time using yellow food coloring. Looks like pee, but lots of flowers are yellow, so it may be fine.

Totally forgot about storm chasers until much later.**

Had one recruiter call who thought he was the gods' gift to contract agencies, with the same job I've applied for twice already. Also got a call for a job I had not seen before, the recruiter said he would send a rate confirmation but never did, even after I pinged him.

Vegas mobile home park replied, their highest space rent is half what I pay now. They already have 6 of the 20 new homes spoken for. And suggested my current mortgage holder for financing. Homes will be arriving from now till November.

I need to get my butt to Vegas.

Time to make the strawberry icebox pie. It was a lot of standing, my butt hurt from the sciatica. First step was to thaw and bake a deep dish pie shell (I had 3 in the freezer). Next step was slicing the tops off and quartering 6 cups of strawberries. Many of them were squishy from being in the fridge all week (even though I had soaked them in vinegar water). I also used about half a pound from yesterday's GO visit.

Dumped all that into a deep pot on the stove, added a pound of sugar and a pinch of salt, brought to a boil. Meanwhile got 2 tsp of butter and 1 tsp of vanilla into a small paper bowl for later, and 3/4 cup of corn starch mixed with an equal amount of cold water also for later.

Slowly brought the mixture on the stove to a boil, stirring a lot. Added the corn starch mixture to thicken, stirred and boiled for 3 minutes. Took the pot off the heat and added the butter and vanilla. While that was cooling, got out my little hand held electric mixer and it took way too long to whip up a cup and a quarter of heavy cream. Highest speed, about 10 minutes for peaks to form. Folded that into the mix on the pot. That took a while too, I think the recipe called for too much cream.

Poured into the pie shell, and discovered there was twice as much as the shell could hold. Put that in the fridge, baked another shell, poured the rest of the mix in, and put a cooling rack on top of the first pie, and the second pie on top of that.

Sat down at the PC to recover from my aching back. **Watched the main stormview live chaser right up against two active cells with massive "mothership" cloud formations. He had a team meteorologist on the line, following the radar and at one point he had to hightail it out of there to avoid being squished. 

Dinner was kind of ad hoc, salad first, then heated up the roti and the last of the curried chicken. Not a total FAIL but the roti didn't absorb the curry sauce very well. Too oily and too well cooked. Mochi for dessert.

Spook has taken to walking to the front of the livingroom table, sitting up and staring at me. And sometimes meowing when I look at her. But if I try to give her some food she backs away and if I go over to pet her most of the time she will jump down to the floor and walk away.

One thing she appreciated me doing for her is I changed the cartridge in her litterbox. New crystals.

Binge watched three of the last four Love Island episodes. There is a squeaky voiced [probably] gay man narrator whom we never see, but in person MC duties (aka being sent home) is done by a DDG blonde Vanna White type with legs for days and a ballerina's body. I can't find her online she isn't listed in the imdb credits. I'm guessing she's about 40.

I'm very happy with 3 of the the last 4 couples, and the way the producers handled the woman who was voted off the island. Her main connection had been voted off earlier due to shenanigans which separated them for no good reason. She was coupled with a new guy who needed to be sent home for being boring.

One of the couples consists of a pair of lying, back-stabbing phonies. They will probably win the competition. Meanwhile, parents and friends visited, and the producers effed them up - after an 18 hour plane trip to Fiji, they only got 5 minutes at the villa.

In domestic news, it took 2 dishwasher loads to recover from the week's activities.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plant the bigger lemongrass plants in the front garden
Water all the indoor plants
Harvest the leaves from two of the Thai lime trees which are not doing well, cut them up and put them in the garden recycle bin. Ditto the two cherry trees.
Karaoke at 7

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