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Saturday was mostly usual. I planted 9 lemongrass stalks in the front garden, out of pots they were growing in in the kitchen. We'll see how long it takes for them to fry.

Karaoke was in the aux assembly room, some Korean church group had the chapel and most of the parking spaces. When I arrived, Jennifer was singing, I could hear he from the parking lot. Beautiful, strong voice, always in key and on rhythm. Huge voice coming from a tiny Asian woman - I doubt if she weighs 100 lbs. OTOH there is Karen, who easily makes 2 maybe 3 Jennifers. Another great voice, and she seems to know all the modern songs. She did two or three from Hamilton. We did a duet with You Don't Send Me Flowers a surprise request from one of her friends. Thankfully Gracie ran out of songs to screech. Brian never runs out of obscure songs with long instrumental breaks. He sings very well, but his song choices would not be my song choices for him. Tracy, the host, sang a few times, I like her voice and she tends to do country standards, but she also did a Hamilton number. A new guy, middle-aged black man named Chris just knocked us out - 40's standards, and a voice like Nat King Cole mixed with Sinatra. Very professional level singer.

During my last two songs I was feeling like I was coming down with a cold. I think Ray, our resident country bass, had one.

I stayed till closing time - 11 - got home and tried to have yesterday's pizza for dinner on the theory that in plastic bags the burnt slice would get soft enough but I was wrong.

Watched the final episode of Love Island which was even more drawn out than expected - 5 minutes of content jammed into 90 minutes (60 if we don't count commercials). The bottom line is they went with the viewers' vote, and the viewers chose the way I hoped, not the way I expected. In last place was the gold digger and the serial lier. I would have swapped 2 and 3, partly because 3 was the black couple and she had the finest ass in the house. The top two were the ones who had been in the longest relationship. The winners hooked up on day 1, number two hooked up during the second week at first as a couple just trying to stay on the island, but over time she fell head over heels for him, though I don't think it was mutual. He said the right words every time, but I got the impression he was just jazzed to be loved.

I did not stick around for the BS at the end where they dangled the $100k prize and made the winners do something stupid to go home with it.

Dinner was not a total loss, the strawberry icebox pie makes for a fine dessert.

Sunday early AM there was a hangouts message from the daddy's girl. I told her I was still in bed, and she replied with some interesting things she wanted to do with my privates. I went back to sleep, still knocked out a little from Nyquil I'd taken the night before.

When I woke up for real around noon, she asked what I was after, and I told her it was mostly things she has told me she will not give. She wouldn't video chat, she said the mistress of the camp won't let them do that unless I "buy" her as my slave. She won't send me nude photos. So I told her thanks for the fish, and goodbye.

Got out of bed and showered and dressed, and there was a message from her with two photos, one in a small bikini and the other showing her without her bottoms, full frontal, but holding the top she had taken off in a way to hide her breasts.

O-tay. So I did a reverse image lookup and found the very fine photo shoot from a couple of years ago they came from.

Told her thanks, and I was off to buy groceries. She asked me to buy her a cash card. Sigh.  As I've said before, asking for $$ ends the relationship.

So, first stop was Great Clips, where I was #4 on the check in but they took me first.  Then next door to Safeway and only bought what was on my short list, plus frozen lunches.

Wanted to go to BB&B for a sodastream exchange, but it was too far in this heat (86°) with frozen stuff. So on home.

Took a load of towels out of the dryer. Put the food away.

Online, sent baby girl a message saying she had it backwards, my slaves pay me for the honor, I thanked her for the link to the model's page and attached a fully nude in front of the mirror one from that set. And then blocked her from hangouts, and reported her dating site profile as spam.

While I was at the computer I fired up Twitch and watched two chasers in different states both aimed at impressive thunderstorms with possible tornadoes.

Tivo said there was a Raider game and a 49ers game. I thought they were a month away, but no, exhibition games were this weekend. Raiders looked okay, Rams sucked. Will watch the 9ers later.

Bought a couple of remedial house brand pizzas at safeway, baked up a Supreme for dinner, after a salad. I really really need to make something from the defrosted chicken thighs. Tomorrow.

Just got another book-sized email message from the alleged nurse volunteering in Nigeria. She has started ramping up the sex talk, probably in response to some racy photos I sent. She's starting to sound like Scotland scammer girl. But until she asks for $$ I'll keep writing.

I'm jealous - many of my friends are on their planes headed for Dublin. This is the first worldcon I've wanted to go to which I couldn't.

Just got distracted on Expedia. Looks like I can afford a trip. Need to play with the dates.

Yet to do tonight - FF through the 49ers game.

Plans for tomorrow:
take out the recycled when the regular is collected
harvest the two lime trees and also cut up the cherry trees.
Make Vegas reservations
Make something out of all that chicken

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