Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It started out like a lamb and ended like a lioness

Not my typical Monday. Out of bed by 8:30, instant cream of wheat with a little butter and brown sugar for breakfast.  The bananas are not ripe. Hgl was great - 105, BP was low in a good way.

No storm chasers today, so watch metal detector guy and then the daily drive home guy. Caught up on the news sites for the first time in a week. Watched some LivePD. I hate how routine it is for them to point pistols at people. As if an armed perp couldn't drop them first. 

Grrrr. The militarization of policing. It sucks.

Bored, 2:30 or so after the second garbage bin was collected I had a lie-down. Spook curled up against me. I mostly read from the tablet.

Somewhere in there lunch was  Saffron Road lamb saag, very small portion but tasty. Strawberry pie for dessert.

Up around 5, streamed from 6-7, had a couple of storm chaser chat friends show up.
Salad, then plopped some shrimp in a pot of water, added spaghetti, and had that with Alfredo sauce and Parmesan, oregano, thyme and black pepper. Pretty yummy.

Watched PTI and then things got interesting on the dating site. One local group wants to invite me to join, I will wait till tomorrow to reply. Two hangouts chats, someone in Utah and someone in LA. Utah says we can video chat when I wake up tomorrow. LA I'll ping after I finish this entry.

As usual, I expect both are scammers, but it's fun till they want $$.

Last night I Expedia-ed Las Vegas, and it looks very affordable. Lots of package deals which include air fare, rental car and room, the trick is to find a hotel which has a low "resort fee". Treasure Island wants $42 a night. I think I want to be on the strip, since it's walkable at night and with a car I can get to the mobile home parks during the day. Shooting for next Tues-Thurs.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hangouts chat(s)
Email the group
Saratoga Ave for massage. If the place is no longer in business Yamagami's is close by, a nice place to walk through the flowers.

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