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No Waitress

Okay, so as I was getting ready for bed, got a message on hangouts from Jennifer. I thought this was the local dating site woman who just wanted to chat G-rated about local sports, who lives around here. So I was surprised that she asked for a risqué photo, and more surprised when she sent three of her own and launched into an X-rated chat session The photos did not show up on a reverse image search but they obviously are professional model shots. Long story short, she kept me up till 2 am.

At 8 am I messaged her and she told me to get up and dressed. So disappointing. But this evening she came back on, X-rated again. More on that later

Beef pot pie for lunch, but it was dry & overcooked, left most of the crust behind. No dessert, watched some people on Twitch and checked the dating site.

As promised, went to Target, They had a sodastream cartridge so I did an exchange. Bought a swim suit for Vegas, better slippers for home, eye drops for the bedroom (I used the last of the bottle this morning) and a full length mirror (for $6). Then ordered a frappuchino at the Starbucks there and waited about 20 minutes for it. They are slow always. Need twice the staff at least. Fired up the laptop and caught up on stuff, but no AC nearby. Need to charge it up. May need to get a new battery. It has always drained a lot while off, but seems to be getting worse.

edit add:Shit for brains forgot the subject line. I was also there to get a copy of 2 original broadway cast CDs listed on their web site: Hamilton and The Waitress. Got the last Hamilton on the shelf, but they did not have Waitress or evena space for one.

Mild insulin shock at Target and when I got home, and low BP as well.

Found another mobile home park in LV, filled out their form & sent email. Got a phone call from the manager, who had not seen the email, it apparently went to corporate marketing, so I forwarded it to her. We made an appointment for 1 pm Tuesday. She really loves the place.

I think that's enough for now, that corp owns 27 parks around LV.

Jennifer messaged just as I was about to go online streaming on twitch, I told her but she misunderstood, thought I was on the dating site streaming to women. For the rest of the evening she sent long messages about how she loved me truly and did not want some other woman to steal me away. I tried to explain that twitch was just me talking, G-rated, but she seems inconsolable. I expect her to ask for $$ any minute now. I shared my flickr model shoots URL with her but she didn't look at it. Turns out she is not the Sharks fan, she is someone I gave my email to a while ago and has since been kicked off the site.

Dinner was shrimp and rigatoni with Italian herbs and spices and Alfredo sauce, with American and Parmesan cheese. Small slice of strawberry pie for dessert.
Need to buy more American cheese next trip to GO.

Watched Bachelor in Paradise, and once again they overloaded the place with new men. And everyone is asking Caetlyn on a date. I don't know why, she's plain and dumpy. So many better choices. Cam needs to be doused with gasoline and ignited. Demi has gained weight and doesn't live up to her name.  She is also very sedate and laid back this time. Women give the roses next, I hope Blake is offed. And Cam.

Also watched the end of Are You The One?. The dating counselor is useless. Counter-productive, since nobody has a clue who the matches are except for the one which got confirmed last week. Three beams again, despite some major changes to the pairings.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get out of bed while it is still morning
Plant the milkweed bushes. Not sure where yet.
Drop by the office and tell them I'll be gone (the plan is to park at the airport like I did for Houston).

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