Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late Again, but for reasons

Up late with the pro model, but she finally asked for $$, I told her no, she tried to bargain. I finally just blocked her. She was by far the most fun of the scammers while it lasted. I spent too much time on the site this morning, they have live member cams and some are confirmed real people. And some of those are actually attractive.

9 am I am just about to get up when AG calls, told me about his trip to Vegas last weekend, it was 109°, but today it was 103 here so....

Spook jumped onto the bed when I was done with the call, but I did the bathroom thing before dressing and following her into the kitchen for her treats.

I had put the mirror against a cabinet by the bathroom door, and she was fascinated. Spook had never seen herself in a mirror before. The only ones in the house are the ones above the sinks in the bathrooms, and she has never been up there. She only spent a few minutes in front of it, put her paw out, then started grooming herself. That only lasted about 2 minutes, I couldn't get a good camera angle on it. She hasn't paid attention to it again.

I want to Velcro it to the bathroom door. The outside so when the door is closed I can use it for selfies. But I wish it was wider.

Banana and egg for lunch, it was already 1 pm.

Caught up on email,   FB and the dating site. Drove to the community center and let them know I would be gone, and why. Then to GO to charge the car and look for American Singles and graham cracker pie crust. They didn't have either one.  got Velveeta and mochi and cherry tomatoes. Did the rounds twice before the car was done. There were some sweet young things in shorts to keep me indoors and the air con.

Took stuff out to  the car, unplugged and went home.

Across the street neighbor's house was being emptied quite roughly and tossed into a beat up panel truck with the logo of the largest manufactured home company in the area. Three workers had no idea where all that stuff was going, or why.

Answered a couple of dating messages. None really interested me.

Went online and found four more mobile home parks on the MH site, and plugged the addresses into the Garmin. Also scoped out health care, no Kaiser but Aetna Anthem has an HMO plan which is similar. Smaller co-pays, all my drugs are in their formulary, estimated annual price about half what I pay now.

Streamed from 6-7, two of the storm chaser chatters joined in. Many followers added, several belong to the same video gaming team. One follow from a troller, who was blocked immediately.

Once again did not do any gardening. Too hot.

Two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise. Demi finally came clean that she has a gay lover at home, but she's bi so her hookup with a guy on the beach can also work. I still think she is Evil™. One of the women fessed up that she and a-hole Blake had a relationship coming into the show, which explains a little bit about why she falls for his crap. Stupidity is the other 99% of the explanation.

Women give roses next episode, and I am elated that Sydni finally doesn't have to worry about being tossed. There was some fisticuffs and wrestling over Nicole, who has led on three guys so far. And a sleazeball was added to the mix. The guy lives in his van.

Finished watching the Hendersons vet program, waited till after I was done eating. Some very messy surgeries.

Took the bag of chicken thighs out of the fridge, cut them into stir fry/curry bits then back into the bag and the freezer.

No job stuff at all today.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to get out of bed at a reasonable hour
Call the mobile home company and ask for hints about selling the house and getting rid of stuff.
Maybe make some chicken curry
Iron Hawaiian shirts


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