Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Did it to myself again

Massive low blood sugar attack (63) and way too low BP after working on the trees.

The usual breakfast, finally at the usual time. Caught up on the news, watched the start of a Tivo program which was misfiled, tuned in to the daily chaser who was early today. Salad, but no real lunch.  Grabbed the clippers and went onto the porch. harvested about half the leaves from the two smaller Thai lime trees (about half were crudded up) and cut them back to the root stock. One full grown dwarf tree is left. It seems to have escaped the crud.

Spread the leaves on the kitchen table to dry, will grind them into powder next week.

Back outside, carried the cut branches out to the garden recycle bin, then back to the front, cut apart the two failed cherry trees. The first one was truly dead, its root ball came out of the pot easily. The second one had a few leaves on it, and it had developed a much larger root system than I  had expected, it took a lot of wiggling and juggling to get it out of the pot with minimum dirt spillage.

Took all those pieces out to the recycle bin, grabbed the hand vac and got the dirt off the front steps.

Inside, felt the crash coming on, grabbed the mint chip ice cream container and ate a couple of scoops' worth, but it was not enough. BP was way low. I visualized PNB&J but never got that far. Tossed two pieces of frozen pizza into the microwave, poured a glass of milk, and started watching Dating Unfiltered when my tummy said sit on the john as soon as possible. Another side effect of low Hgl for me is methane enhanced loose poop.

It took a while to finish, and when I did I got undressed and into bed. Napped for an hour, Spook eventually curled up against me and let me pet her.

Up at about 5:30, stated watching the Raiders game from yesterday. 6 pm streamed from Twitch, had three chatters participating. That filled up the hour.

Watched the first half of the game, Raiders were pounding the Cardinals, but then I ffed through the rest of it, and saw that Arizona scored multiple field goals, with not much more from Oakland. The Raiders gave up a TD at the last few seconds. Very poor showing for the defense. Not so good after the first & second string QBs played. On the AZ side, Kyler Murray was awful.

Been streaming on the adult dating site. Had a nice response from a woman in Germany who has a 69 year old sugar daddy. But all the other viewers have been men. :-(

Ran a load of shirts, and also the dishwasher.

Two recruiter messages for jobs I am not qualified for. Bilingual content analysts, I'm not fluent in any of the languages they need. No word from any of the other jobs.

Due to the crash, I did not get around to calling the local finance/home sales people.

Plans for tomorrow:
Eat regular meals
Janice for Starbucks
Water all the plants
Preliminary packing - unload the dryer and iron all the Hawaiian shirts for Vegas
Clean the big water fountain for Spook

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