Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Much To Tell

I was a good boy today, got out of bed by 9, the usual breakfast, a little less insulin than yesterday, checked the news, saw that Peter Fonda died but Jane is still with us.

One of my filker friends on FB was watching The Sea Hawk -- the only Erroll Flynn movie I have been able to verify that David Bruce, Amanda McBroom's dad, was actually in. She wrote The Rose and of course sings it far better than that bimbo Middler. But she also sings this song written for her about her dad. Always makes me cry.

Looked for but did not find a good cover of It's a Fine, Fine Line from Avenue Q.

Lunch was a Marie C turkey pot pie which was cooked unevenly because the crust had been shattered. People are not very careful stocking the shelves. Had the last piece of strawberry pie.

3 pm, off to MV, plugged in the laptop and did an update, service was way too slow. Lots and lots of eye candy the whole 2 hours J & I were chatting. Mostly the Safeway lures them in.

She is back from visiting old friends who now live on Whidbey Island, and is off to the Balkans mid-week. My mocha frapp was very un-chocolatey.

Home, streamed for an hour, one of the usual suspects joined me, another came in toward the end.

Salad and then mixed veggies with Murcan and Swiss cheeses and reheated fried chicken pieces, mochi chaser.

Got naked and streamed on the dating channel after yet another phony hit me up for $$ after a very racy chat. She is history.

My only viewers have been men and a couple in Hayward. :-(

Put a load through the dishwasher, emptied the dryer, put the cat fountain in the dishwasher and re-assembled it and filled it again.

Did not need a nap today.

Still to do: hang up the shirts.

Plans for tomorrow:
Iron the Hawaiian shirts
Water the plants

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