Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Pre Vegas

Kind of a lazy day, up and out of bed by 9, will have to be on the road by 9 tomorrow. Traffic will be insane. My flight info shows TSA Clear, so that's good.

Ironed the Hawaiian shirts, chose three to pack. And underpants, and the new swim trunks.

Laptop and its knapsack, Garmin and its holder & car charger. Camera and lens separate, and GPS tagger. Camera battery charger with extra battery. Need to add the strap.

Filled the two pill containers. One med has to stay in its special container. Insulin vials and pens and syringes/pen tips are laid out on the kitchen counter, along with something in which to put the sharps.

Tomorrow morning I'll pack the chargers and toiletries.

Hung up all the shirts. Watched some LivePD and the first half of the Seahawks-Vikings game. That was the only game on my TV this weekend, I ditched the NFL extra fee channels.

Looks like no Comcast in Vegas. Cox cable.

Lunch started with cold cuts but I didn't like the honey baked ham at all, so I cooked up an omelet with liquid egg stuff. Strawberries and whipped cream, which gave me the runs. :-(

Pink chewy pills solved that.

Streamed on Twitch for an hour, only one chat friend. Streamed on the dating site for an hour, made two female friends and kicked off three men.

Marie C beef pot pie. Microwave may be on the blink, it's cooking unevenly.

Spook slept on the bed until dinner time. She is miffed because I closed all the windows which had been up a notch. Air con needed the help. Filled the hummingbird feeders.

Late afternoon I planted the two big orange milkweed bushes on the retaining wall. Not deep enough. I may need to move them when I get back.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be at the airport insanely early for the 11:30 flight.
Treasure Island hotel
Hang by the pool
See a show (most of the start at 9 or 10 pm)

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