Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of walking and waiting

Managed to have a banana and turn off the PC's auto-start. On the road by 8:50. Traffic was light but parking was a bitch. The layout of the short term parking is stupid, and it forces you to go in zigzag circles and the signage makes it look like you're heading for the exit when you're also heading for aditional parking. Long walk to the elevator, long walk to the TSA area. And then it was a breeze with the TSA Clear thing, they didn't wand me or anything. Just straight to the gate from the conveyor belt.

Delta said my flight was leaving from the last gate - 4 - which is a Jet Blue gate. I set up the PC at one of the free power desks, played on the adult match site and also on FB. Checked again and my gate was now 10, most of the way back to the TSA checkpoint. I was 2 hours early. Watched a lot of eye candy and ate a Snickers bar just in case. Also hit the loo.

I boarded way earlier than I was supposed to because the ticket didn't give a section number, but he let me on anyway. Good thing because my bag just barely fit in the overhead and some asshole behind me tossed his in my space as I was putting mine up there.

Two in a row, my neighbor was a tiny elderly Asian woman who spent the flight with ear plugs in, running a photo  shoot through Photoshop on her Mac laptop. She knew what she was doing. Toward the end of the flight when she took the plugs out I asked if anu of her work was online, but she said no, she gives Photoshop workshops, and was on her way to Vegas to participate in Photoshop Wars. An expensive week long event at a photog's rented house,  room & board provided.

The take-off and final approach/landing was horrible. The plane shook much worse than it should have. Landing was a hard bounce. Pretty mountain scenery, though.

Long walk to the rental car shuttle, 108 degrees in the shade. They have the bus loading system down pat, but the passengers didn't. I was wedged between a dozen Vietnamese girls and women who had no sense of personal space.

Hertz is upstairs in a makeshift office, they apparently don't try very hard anymore. I got to go upstairs and choose my car from the compact row. What they had were subcompacts, under-powered.

Could not figure out how to bring up my addresses on the Garmin, there is a long list of coordinates from prior trips which I need to remove. And I left the device in the glove compartment, It finally got me to Treasure Island, a very long trip with lots of stop lights. Long stop lights.

And the parking garage was even worse than the airport's. I was circling for 30 minutes before someone pulled out from a space I was heading toward. And like SJC the signage was misleading. I had to park at the other end of the garage, long walk to the skybridge and long walk to the front desk, and then half an hour in line to get a room assignment.

23rd floor, overlooking the pirate ships and a lot of Vegas. But banging from the floor above. They are remodeling that floor. If it is still noisy tomorrow I'll ask for a room change.

Had a late lunch early dinner at Gilly's, with a view of the strip, but not a good one for eye candy. There was plenty of that in the restaurant. My waitress was amazngly cute & sexy and some of the customers were too. And then there was a visit from a slender black woman in a thong and chaps. Yummy! She was just hanging out.

Up to the room, got ice, trying to buy a soda from the machine took 3 tries.

Nothing new on the dating site or hangouts despite 6 woman asking for my email there.

AC outlets in the room are not where I need them.

Took a taxi to Luxor after booking a seat at the girlie show. He took a lot of back roads, and got there for less $ than expected.

Luxor is laid out intelligently. Hard to get lost. Treasure Island is not laid out well, hard to find your way.

Was 2 hours early, so I found the food court and had a shake at Johnny Rockets, then sat outside the theaters and watched people going in to Blue Man and Carrot Top. Lots of sexy women mostly with their dates. Also people posing in front of the sphinx statues.

The Fantasy X show was 90 minutes long, and they really didn't need that comedian. He did two spots, 15 minutes of my life I will never get back.

More than made up for by a brand new lead singer/hostess on her debut night. Tiny woman DDG with a huge belt voice. She had, I thought, the sexiest body there but we only got to see it in the final set, and not topless. All the other dancers got down to just a thong in most of the sets. No silicone. One woman, Jessica, was phenomenal, did some three-pole acrobatics and an aerial show which was breathtaking.

Midnight, found a taxi back to Treasure Island, his route cost $3 more than the ride there.

The soda machine was offline so I am going to have to find some sodas tomorrow to put in the fridge.

Plans for tomorrow:
Breakfast downstairs
Take the camera for a walk before it gets too hot
Buy some diet Coke
Find the car, delete all those phony favorites in the Garmin
Drive to Tropicana Palms for my 1 pm roast
and maybe Villa Borega after
Find another show to go to.


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