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Moving Right Along

It was a 6 am wake up and a quick check of email and dating site, then back to sleep till 9:30

Probably should have gone to the pool while it was still 85F but went outside briefly, got one good eye candy photo and a bunch from the overpass sky bridge over the strip. Walgreen's was on the other side, I bought diet Cokes, oreos, famous amos and cheddar popcorn. Back to the hotel, put the drinks in the fridge and got some ice from waaaaay down the hall. The ice buckets are tiny, i see long timers bringing ice chests up to their rooms.

Also bought a banana. Ate half, the other half is in the fridge for tomorrow.

Noon, drove out to the mobile home park by the wetlands. It was dicey at first - GPS signals are few here, despite the clear skies. I was several blocks from the garage before the Garmin spoke. But then it was clear sailing. I was half an hour early, so I drove to the wetlands park, discovered it had been moved way down the road. Huge, modern interpretive center, but on a weekday it was almost deserted. The gift shop was closed, only open wed and sat. Did not have time to go inside the main building.

Time to visit Tropicana Palms mobile home park. 101F, it's cooler in the burbs. Met with Linda, whom I had talked to on the phone. She was multitasking all over the place, but finally she explained the rules and perks and  FAQs. It is far more affordable than I'd thought.

We got into the golf cart and visited three houses. The first was being worked on by three guys, lots yet to do, available in September. Big garage, nice covered porch. Two huge palm trees out back. Next one was smaller, carport, new gas stove, BYO washer and dryer but electric and no 220V in the laundry room.

Last one was a winner. Owner needs to sell in order to buy his wife a bigger home in the park. Beautiful walnut cabinets everywhere. Shag carpet. And only $59k.

So we started on the paperwork, leaving which house open because it depends on when I can sell mine, and whether the seller will wait. I came back with all the forms, I can put a hold on the place with $3k, if the application is approved. Vanguard can send a check, probably.

Online I got a Social Security verification letter and emailed that to her. Filled in all the forms.


Hangouts got busy with 4 women wanting to chat, but only one kept it up until dinner time.

I wanted pancakes. The coffee shop downstairs has them. Made the mistake of ordering the pancake tower, 5 pancakes, two pieces of Canadian bacon on top of the bottom pancake, two over easy eggs on top of the top pancake and a strip of bacon on top top.

Served with whipped butter and syrup.

I managed 3 pancakes, the eggs and bacon strip but the Canadian bacon was too salty. Left over 2 pancakes. Had a scoop of caramel ice cream to balance it out.

By then it was too dark to take pictures outside so I boarded the tram to the Mirage and back. The pool was closed by then - WTF it's still100F out there.

Back to the room, got comfortable and chatted some more. Streamed on the dating site but only attracted dick pictures.

Took my meds, put 4 oreos next to the bed for a snack.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get up early enough to go swimming
After noon, drive to Tropicana Palms and drop off the paperwork
Have a meal at a huge Thai restaurant I passed on the way there but Garmin thinks is in a deserted shopping center. I got the right address from Google Maps.
Find a show to see
Pack for Thursday return

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