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Back Home

The day went pretty much as planned. Except I was online too long in the morning and did not get to the pool till 9:30, so just time for a quick dip in the pool and jacuzzi, and scan for eye candy. There wasn't much, but the woman taking drinks orders was in a tiny red thong bikini and she looked like she worked out a lot. Not a body builder but very little body fat.

Up to the room by 10, packed, made some decisions, like my backpack was too thick so I threw away underpants and the slightly too small swim trunks. And the oreos. And a half consumed bottle of diet Coke.

Used the niw working express check-out by the garage, found my car quickly (took photos of the row label after parking) and only made on enormous wrong turn before the Garmin found the satellites. It's a very long ride to the car rental building, way past the airport on the other side from the strip.

Turning the car in was faster than checking it out. It was all prepaid except for $25 for gas.

Long shuttle ride to the airport. What is it about Vegas which makes people aggressively cut in front of others? This happened my whole trip, both walking and driving. No patience.

TSA clear worked again, but this time they did use the full body scan thing on me which falsely showed metal at my crotch. WTF?

Delta is an escalator and monorail ride from the main terminal. Plenty of shops both sides of TSA.

I got there right at lunch time, and there was a 15 minute wait minimum at all the places which had sit-down seating (most were to-go places) except Cinnabun, so lunch was a classic bun and an iced vanilla coffee, with a view of both the passerby and the food line. Most of the eye candy got their buns to go. But the line was slow since there was only one server.

Walked around after that, found my gate D43, which was boarding a flight to Seattle. Lots of Seahawks wearables. Made me feel at home. The Raiders have a shop in the airport but that just looked out of place for now.

Found a spot by the central Starbucks to plug in the laptop, and watched the daily drive home. It sounds like it won't be happening much longer because new management changed his hours and I think also his job. He is not pleased. While I was online I signed up for recommendations for moving companies, and had to put my phone on silent because immediately there were a dozen calls, some from movers, some for car transporters (I don't think there's a way to drive the Leaf from here to Vegas, since it needs a 1-hour charge every 150 miles).

Back to the area near the gate, bought a fruit and cheese thing and OJ and peanut M&Ms. Parked myself with a view of the restrooms (it just worked out that way) and nibbled. Many many beautiful women and a whole lot of not nearly attractive enough SOs waiting for them.

Time to get to the gate, as I showed the rep my boarding QR code on the delta app, it changed to add a seat assignment. Magic.

Boarding was a cluster. They have 15 levels of boarding, and mine turned out to be the last. Luckily this time there was still space in the overheads. But someone was in my seat. I ad 12D, window. He was supposed to be in 12B, aisle. His win, because the DDG tall Korean woman in 12A chatted him up. 12C was a too skinny for me but very pretty young Vietnamese woman who went to sleep during the seat belt instructions.

12D is over the wing, and the windows are not lined up with the seat. The bozo in front of me slept with his head against the closed shade, and it was a major neck crane to see out the one behind me. Also annoyin the the two women behind me never shut up. Not for anything. High squeaky voices. Grrr.

It was a smooth flight, piloted much much better than the one from SJ to LV.

Lots of cutting in front during deplaning. People bring their lack of manners in from LV.

Found my car thanks to photos I took when I parked. A bit of a delay paying, the instructions on the machine were wrong.  And it kept saying invalid card instead of unable to read the card upside down. The tap-in did not work nor did the chip reader.

Easy drive home. No mail - it will be delivered tomorrow. Moved the bins so I could park at the end of the driveway - Marilee will need to park behind me.

Spook yelled at me a lot, and was very happy when I re-opened the livingroom window she likes to peer/sniff through. Lowered the thermostat from 78 to 74. Will probably keep it at 76. After LV's 112°, anything is chilly.

Unpacked, still need to download from the Nikon, though I did not take many photos with it. Too hot. Will do that tomorrow, and charge the battery.

No dinner, just nibbles. Deleted a bunch of no longer needed pix from the phone and tablet.

Plans for tomorrow:
GO or maybe Lucky's or Safeway. Need salad greens & bananas
2 pm Realtor visit. I pulled out my last mortgage statement and have the LV park brochure handy

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