Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Let's try this again

So yesterday was pretty full. Started the day by grabbing a banana and catching up on FB, but never touched the banana, got caught up in an infinite loop trying to download my Quicken data from my credit card company.  In Vegas, Quicken would not work, it had been too long since I had last downloaded from the laptop - BofA refused the connection and Capitol One said I did not exist. So from the home PC BofA worked fine but Cap1 still didn't know about me.

Did not want to mess with it further, and needed to get to Safeway and Grocery Outlet before my realtor arrived. Safeway had new frozen lunches, Got some salad stuff, also got some free electricity outside of GO.

I was out of sweets, so I bought a pack of baklava at GO, and by the time I got home with no breakfast eaten my Hgl was low, about 80. Should have gone for a Klondike, but the baklava was right there so I opened it and grabbed a piece, and half of it went down my throat when I bit into it, and choked me big time. Could have used a Heimlich, tried to wash it down with the soda I had just poured. Called 911, and as I was saying I was choking, it cleared and I was able to catch my breath and tell 911 who I was and I'm okay now. But the sharp edge of the baklava scraped something in my throat and I'm still coughing a little from the irritation.

That was 10 minutes to the appointment - got out my last mortgage statement and found the in-depth assessment which was done a year ago April.

Realtor, let's call her M, is still DDG. Yummy Latina. And smart, and she now has been doing this job for 6 years, 10 years with the company.  There was a ton of paperwork to initial, she actually thought my $230k asking price was too low, and will list for $239k. That will cover the realtor 6% cut.

She didn't have any sales in this park during the last year to judge how quickly it may move, but the sobering thing is I remembered correctly that in CA escrow is 45 days, so even if I sold today I would not get cash to buy the Nevada home till October. Unfortunately this means the home which is at the top of my list will be gone by then. But there will be others in that park.

The house will need another appraisal, which they will help me with, and they will notify the park manager than I'm listing the house for sale.

Other good news is despite the high (for me) space rental, she said it is half that of other parks in the neighborhood, and that means a higher sale price.

After she left I emailed the Las Vegas park manager and she emailed me at the same time - I've been approved for residency.

So I will send $3k from my brokerage to her as a deposit, to be used against whatever house comes up, I guess.

Chilled out by watering the milkweed. I was rear-ended in the Safeway parking lot, it popped a small panel on the back driver's side which looked like it should pop back in, but I don't have the tools. One more thing for my to-do list is get that taken care of.

Watched some trashy TV. Bachelor in Paradise included several unwelcome twists, including the revelation that Bachelorette From Hell Demi is gay. This is the bitch who went to the Bachelor's hotel room at night to cure his virginity, but he sent her home instead. She had something going with Derek, but then tells Chris she misses her girlfriend back home. Instead of sending Demi home, they bring her girlfriend into the show. It's pretty clear that girlfriend is the dominant one in their relationship, Demi gets 20 years younger around her. Interesting because until now she has been the control freak.

Lunch was pot roast, dinner was clam strips.

I was still feeling like I was coming down with a cold, took two Nyquil tablets, and that knocked me out. I went to bed early, just as the calendar reminder said it was pizza night. Oh well. Next time for sure.

Delivered was a gadget that fits in the nose which purports to be a CPAP replacement, but it is a cheap piece of junk with tiny fans and no real wind power.

Plans for Saturday:
Back to normal, I hope.
Goodwill? Look online for a place to sell my CDs
Contact the astronomy assn to see if they want my telescopes and gear
Mail delivery at mailbox

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