Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weak End Update

Still a little weird getting up - 6 am, tinkled, weighed myself then back to bed. I'd lost almost a pound from yesterday.

Up around 8:30, breakfast was oatmeal with an over-ripe banana crushed into it and an HB egg. And a Kind bar about an hour later.

Caught up with email & FB and the dating site (not much there).

Found the chocolate factory with the wetlands in the back yard. Ethel M, and now they are the world's biggest cactus garden. I emailed the URL to the Vegas park manager.

Logged into my brokerage account and they don't mail checks to 3rd parties, so I had them direct deposit $$ into my checking account, and emailed the LV manager I would convert that to a bank check and mail it to her. It may end up reserving a different house than the one I had in mind, but that's okay.

FB friends suggest I post things online to sell/give away. I'll do that. Exercise bike first. Thai lime tree, bay laurel next.

Drove out to Saratoga for a massage. My new favorite place, I will miss it. Had an impossibly skinny masseuse who won my heart by tossing the towel aside and rubbing me the right way.

Back home, but had to make a u-turn twice because the BofA ATM was closer than I thought, and it's a 4-lane busy road which I was trapped in the left lane of.

Somewhere during the day I entered all my receipts into Quicken. Had to disconnect it from Cap1, disconnect Cap1 from it, and then reconnect. But it recognized it was the same account and updated 40 charges.

Lunch was over-buttered nuked cheese on sourdough. For dinner I baked up some beer battered fish and poured Alfredo sauce over it.

Watched an episode of Are You The One? And Ex on the Beach. Romeo MCs both of them, and he is still illiterate and annoying.

Watered all the plants, indoors and out. The lemongrass is not making it. :-( Maybe I should unplant and bring it back indoors.

Mail was not delivered. There may not have been any.

Rent check included sticker shock - $220 for electricity. The Nest thermostat is not good at sensing the indoor temp. Should be lower next month. We did have a couple of weeks at 100°+.

Plans for tomorrow:
Start looking for a place to sell my CDs. I may need to buy a bar code reader for the PC for that, looking at the online sites I have seen so far.
Goodwill trip: Jackets in the guest room closet, shoes & slippers, costumes & suits. Lots of T-shirts. Deep fryer. Salad bowls.
Take out the garbage

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