Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nothing Accomplished

Did not achieve any of my goals except I did find online CD buyer companies who just need the bar codes of what I'm sending. So I ordered a bar code scanner for the PC ($20). I tested a program which would take the bar code and look up the details of the CD, but it doesn't export to anything useful. It's meant for you to keep the CDs. ;-)
It batted 0 on my Thai and Filk CDs.

Watched some TV, but spent most of the afternoon in bed reading with Spook behind me close enough to pet but also close enough to bite my hand.

Looked in my guest room closet at jackets. One has got to go, my Ontario winter coat. It takes up 4 spaces. But it does get cold at night in the winter in LV, so I'll hang onto my faux leather Giants world series jacket.

Thinking about T-shirts, I'm keeping anything with my name on it. And the Worldcon ones.

Did check the Nevada DMV site, and I get a senior discount on the DL, but only 4 years a shot. My license plate name is available, but only fits on the generic plate and the Save Lake Tahoe plate. The others (Raiders, Golden Knights) only give 5 characters.

Spook kind of went crazy, yelling at me, until she rolled around and gave me the hint to brush her.

Took out the three garbage bins. Told Lee I'm moving. She says the across the street neighbor did not die, his son took him to live with them. And had all his old rotten furniture thrown out.

I need to tell Lou and his wife I'm moving. Tomorrow.

Lunch was beef pot pie, dinner spaghetti and hot dog slices with white cheeses. Strawberries & whipped cream. Salads before both.

Watched Dating No Filter.

Streamed from 6-7. Lots of chatters, the two from storm chasers showed up as I was signing off.

Deleted my adult dating site account. It's all scammers. Scotland woman appeared on Hangouts, asking for more phone $$. She never used what I sent, so she is blocked. Blocked for asking for $$.

Entered the rent in Quicken, will print it Friday.

Did I mention that I deleted all my job search web site accounts except LinkedIn? Well I did.

Plans for tomorrow:
Barcode the CDs
I think the photo storage boxes will work for shipping them. As a start. Need to see if they fit in a medium flat rate priority mail box
Clean off the livingroom coffee table - this may require a dead electronics run to the dump
Jackets to Goodwill?

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