Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Progress of sorts

Got off to a slow start, but at least I was showered and dressed by 9, and collected the Amazon package which was left at the front door.**

Banana and egg breakfast, Kind bar later. 1/4 orange soda and 3/4 cola.

Lee came to the door, distraught over losing her wallet which had her SS card. Her husband was not pleased because he thinks her identity will be stolen and someone may try to buy a car using her SS#. Not likely, but something like that happened to them 10 years ago, he says. He think you can't change your SS# but I know you can, because I have two. With identity theft on the rise it's very easy to do.

As we talked on the porch, several hummingbirds flew around, I noticed the feeders were dry. That was fast. I just filled them Friday. So I filled them again. Instantly two birds were on it.

**Opened the package, it was a replacement laptop battery. I opened up the laptop, pulled out the battery, inserted the replacement but it was the wrong size. All the right markings but for a different (probably newer) model. Put the original battery in, screwed it down, screwed in the back but managed to lose 2 screws when I knocked the lot of them off the table onto the rug. Went online to do the return, found that Amazon no longer does the lockers in my area, but they have a return place in Kohl's.

Facebooked, Nancie was online a wee bit late for her 11 am video chat. Figs filled with stuff. I hate figs. Too grainy & sweet for me, plus there are the wasps.

Turned on TV and FFed through the 49ers-KC game, which they won handily after a slow start. Jimmy looked good after he warmed up. Defense was not so good. KC defense was great against the run, not so great against long passes.

Also watched Below Deck Med, but paused it before the end to watch my Twitch streamers. And have lunch - pizza reheated.

Raided the guest room closet, removed most of the jackets. Left the Mariners and UW ones. Raided the bedroom closet, pulled out all my domestic travel T-shirts. All that stuff went into the car, and was donated to Goodwill. It's a start. On to Kohl's where there was only one person ahead of me, but he was clueless and it took 10 minutes. My paperwork was all done, and I was out of there in 2 minutes, but there were now 10 people in line behind me. There are some gorgeous women shopping in Kohl's.

Home, watched some TV, then stream from 6-7. Several chatters. One troll, he is now banned. He tried to sneak in by messaging one of my storm chaser friends.

Finished Below Deck, customers were a group of very sexy cougars. I figure at least one of the crew will be seduced. Maybe two or three.

Watched Bachelor in Paradise. Blake actually gave his rose to the right person instead of the easy lay. Demi was singled out to give her rose first, to her girlfriend. Producers did the right thing again.

Two of the women sent home had not connected with anyone, one did not have enough time and I feel sorry for her.

Made some bulgogi beef ribs. Yummy. Salad first, of course. Mochi for dessert, and chocolate milk later.

Ran a dishwasher load earlier.

**Went to the Dell web site did not find my battery there, but the support chat person did very quickly. Bought it.

Plans for tomorrow:
BofA, get a check to send to the LV park manager (brokerage deposit will have cleared by then)
Mail the check
Maybe scan barcodes for the musicals/classical CDs


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