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Banking on It

Woke up at 6, saw the email icon on my phone, it was BofA asking about charges to a card I almost never use. Three fraudulent charges from offshoots of that online dating service I had subscribed to for a month. Tried to tell the online AI to refuse them but instead it canceled the card. Had to call a human (took three tries) to make sure the charges were declined and would not show up on the new card. We'll see - they lied about that before.

Called the number for the charge company, turns out all three bills from two sites were the same company. Made sure they knew I had no signed up for those sites, and they removed my accounts.

While I was up, I answered email, grabbed a banana and an egg and went on FB.

Called for a nails appointment then drove to B0fA, got a cashier's check for the LV house deposit, drove to the PO and priority mailed the check. On the way out of the driveway took a picture of the for sale sign.

Home, emailed  the realtor the photo, email the LV sales manager with the tracking number of the check's priority mail envelope.

BP was high so I took a lie-down. No actual lunch, just some PNB and a Kind bar.

2 pm nails appointment. Cute manicurist is married. :-(

Tummy issues, maybe from pizza. Maybe not.

Watched PTI and then streamed for an hour. My two regulars showed up.

Ber battered fish fillets with cheese, mixed veggies for dinner, while watching Bachelor in Paradise. It featured a wedding of a couple of losers who found True Love last year. There is something wrong with JPJ -he has gone insane. He kept telling Derek, who is a lot smarter, "don't insult my intelligence". Two things wrong with that is Derek didn't get a word in edgewise, and JPJ has no intelligence. Clay's high soft voice totally doesn't match his NFL linebacker body. But it does match his personality. The producers stirred a couple of pots, once in a good way and once not.

This morning I got my face to the rug and used a flashlight to look for the one missing laptop screw, bt Spook kept chasing the light. This afternoon I looked down and it was staring right at me. Fedex was supposed to deliver the replacement battery today by 9, but did not. Now they are saying 9/4. Crap.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bring some electronics to the recycle center
Maybe go to Almaden Lake and take some pix

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