Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Well, at least I made the huge thing of curry

Up on time, in bed too long. 

Found my #5 torx driver and screwed in the final 2 tiny screws holding the back of the laptop on. Put the laptop in its knapsack. Replacement battery is a week away.

Realtor emailed she would be dropping flyers into the for sale sign box this afternoon.

Instead of going to Almaden and missing her, I took out the flat bottom wok, browned 8 chicken thighs worth of bite-sized skinless bits and poured that into a bowl while I dumped three cans of coconut milk into the wok, added 1.5 Tbsp of green curry paste, stirred it in well (curry paste lumps can be fatal), then added baby corn, green peas, bamboo shoots, water chestnut slices and straw mushrooms. Lots of cans, my new can opener is highly amusing. It slits the can side just below the rim, making a circle. You know it is done when the can stops rotating and the lid starts. You have to pull the lid off, best done over the sink.

Added back the chicken, stirred, covered on low heat for an hour.

Went out to the porch and watched/photographed hummingbirds. They were having a festival, but only one per feeder at a time.

It took a while to get this one - I wanted the for sale sign to show.

This guy drank for about 5 minutes.

Back to the curry, added 1/3 cup of corn starch to 1/3 cup of water, stirred till it was smooth, stirred it into the curry and let it thicken for a few minutes. Turned off the gas to let it cool.

Realtor emailed the park's standard Notice of Intent To Sell, which I signed, scanned and emailed back to her. She also emailed me copies of all the things I had signed on Friday in one big PDF.  And she sent a note that the termite inspector, James, will be here at noon on Thursday 8/5. I emailed back that she meant 9/5. And that when she got here I had a present for her.

Lunch was green curry chicken over rice. I need to cook up more rice. Ladled the remaining curry into 5 single-serving containers and loaded them into the freezer.

Watched a couple of streamers.

3-ish went to the community office and dropped off the rent and their new form for mass contacting the residents. Hope I'll have moved before they use it. Told the receptionist the realtor would be by with the intent to sell form. Saw the manager in the crafts room going over a lease with someone. There was a lot of chop in the pool, but no swimmers. Windy, I guess. I will have to use that before I leave.

Back home, realtor rang the bell at about 4, I gave her one of my calendars, kind of as a joke for the termite date mix-up, kind of because I wanted her to have one. She was dressed in a tight top and vertically striped pants and what she wore accentuated her amazing curves, And her long straight hair and pretty face topped it all off. She is so sexy. Sigh.

Streamed from 6-7, needed some salad stuff and hummus, so I went to GO, charged the car, bought salad stuff and three kinds of ice cream, one was a pint of what was billed as triple fudge mint.**

Watched PTI over a salad, then nuked four frozen falafel, stirred up the hummus and added a pickle spear.

The Oakland-Seattle game was recording, I watched the first half and then paused because it was actually halftime IRL. Will watch the ending later. There may also be a 49ers game on there.

Brushed Spook. She is getting better at making sure I remember to do that.

**Triple fudge mint my ass. It was vanilla with some small square lumps of fudge-like substance and a very thin chocolate swirl.

Plans for tomorrow:
Almaden Lake
Clear off the livingroom table, bag all the electronics for the recycle center

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