Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Vacuum Cleaner Wars

When I hunted face to face on the Karastan livingroom rug in search of those tiny torx screws, I saw what looked like a Dali diorama of cat hair, dried up tiny food pieces and unidentifiable other bits. From 5 feet up, it obviously needed cleaning, but seeing it up close magnified that.

Took out my Hoover, bagless high power vacuum with retractable power cord, and only managed to make streaks of cat hair, etc. It didn't pick up anything. I tried all the height settings. The Hoover had been clogged with cat puke and later I took it apart and fixed it. So I took out the new but not as powerful bagless unit, unwound the power cord, and had the same results.

Time to empty the Roomba, change its brushes, install a new filter and launch it. The R's brushes are perfect for the stuff on the rug, but it's a very stupid machine. Instead of circling until it runs out of dirt to pick up, it took off for the kitchen, then the office, then got caught under the coffee table trying to eat the surround sound speaker wires. During the half hour it was out and about I had to rescue it 5 times. Twice from the sheepskin rug. It never learns.

I am tempted to buy a better vacuum, but I'm moving and probably not taking that rug with me. Probably. In the long run, the Roomba did what was needed, it just took way too long and was too random.
The usual breakfast. Drive C incremental backup this morning took an hour, 4 gigs. Tomorrow will be E: incremental. Photos will make that take a while.

Nuked a small beef portobello for lunch. Made a dessert from a peppermint cheesecake ice cream pop and some strawberries topped with tired whipped cream.

Watched some of the college football games, UW was eating Eastern WA alive, as expected. I hate that they make these small town teams play the Huskies, just donate the $$ playing a good team. The Stanford-Northwestern game was boring. Too many mistakes on both sides. Officials were awful as well.

Drove to Bella Massage, this time to get a legit rubdown for my sciatica. All booked, but an opening in half an hour. 90° outside so ducked into Old Siam restaurant for a Thai Iced Tea & sticky rice & mango. Good timing. Tea was perfect but they use tiny globs of white and dark sticky rice, no sweetened condensed milk. Generous piece of mango. They all spoke Thai. Yay! And the walls are covered with old photos and all kinds of classic Thai memorabilia. I need to have dinner there before I move.

4:10 massage appointment, the table has the face hole in the table, made it impossible to breathe. After a few minutes I paused the action, she went and got a horseshoe shaped pillow. That helped a lot. She did not work on the sciatica areas as much as I wanted, but it was a thorough massage with some actual skin on skin contact. The legit flag was when a couple went in ahead of me. Nothing sexual, but nothing hurt either.

Home, watched more of TWC and football. Saw Oregon give away a game they had been in control of. Stanford squeaked out a win.

Streamed from 6-7, only one chatter, someone who was on during my last birthday. The storm chaser followers were tuned in to Nathan, who set his cam out on a balcony somewhere on the FL coast.

Ha gow and mini steamed pork buns for dinner, mint chip ice cream for dessert.

More football, Fresno at UCLA. Another game which should not be scheduled. More TWC.

FB was busy.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take out the garbage
NFL football
GO to charge the car and get salad greens & bananas

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