Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Laborious Day, Stolen Flyers, First lookers

Up and dressed almost on time. The half-dose of bedtime insulin made no difference yesterday, the full dose was only slightly lower this morning. BP is lower but still high.

Banana & egg, and found a site which will hook me up with cat movers. As usual, a barrage of "bids" from people who did not get the "I don't have a date yet" instruction. I'm thinking it may be feasible to have Spook boarded in LV while I wait for the move. But still too soon. $22/night at PetSmart, minus one free night minus 10% senior discount. do-able.

Spent most of the day watching storm chasers and TWC. Nothing on Tivo.

Streamed 6-7, two return followers and one regular. One of the returns sounds like a mildly kinky woman in Montana. I gave her spook's email address and asked her to send pictures. She says she "claps" her BF's butt regularly.

Meanwhile a check o Instagram on the PC showed Scottish woman was trying to contact me there, so I blocked her.

Lunch was salad and a baloney & Swiss sandwich. Instant cake for dessert.

Only went outside to bring in the garbage bins. The recycle was not collected till late, so I was able to pull all the paper stuff from the lower deck of the coffee table and dump it. An old cheerleader calendar which was too big for the wall, several Thai/English childrens' pamphlets a friend had translated. A coffee table book on the mars rovers. Previously had cleaned out the bedroom night stand, I can't believe how many packets of cough drops remain. But only those, 2 belt buckles and a couple of pairs of scissors. What was pulled out went out with the garbage last night.

Salad and mac & velveeta with turkey frank slices for dinner. Blueberries, whipped cream and strawberries for dessert. While I was eating that, doorbell rings, a neighbor asked to see the house. 8 pm, not all that late. He said all the flyers were gone from the display box. I showed him the one I have on my white board, and went outside to check, and sure enough all the flyers were gone. The realtor's biz cars were all there, though. I smell a rat. probably my #6 neighbors. Anyhow, I showed him and his wife the house. 60-ish Indian couple. I've seen them around. He wanted to make a cash offer, but I had to refer him to the realtor or pay a 3% fine. And I want her to make some $$ on this deal. Cash would make it quicker.

Booked that doctor appointment for Wednesday morning. 11 am, since a 3:30 opened up telling me she will really be there. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Swiffer the kitchen
Bag all the electronic junk and bring it to the SMART station
Other dutites as assigned 

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