Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Paperwork and A Visit

Crowbarred myself out of bed at about 8, the usual routine, then off to the office to initial and sign the papers allowing the park to transfer ownership to whomever buys the house.

Back home, read a dozen bids from cat transport places. The sire I'm using is Neanderthal, just adding Spook's photo to my announcement made them cancel all previous offers and open a new one, or so they said. None of the previous offers left my message list. New ones were added in at random.

Noon, realtor came by, and we waited for the prospective buyer who had seen the house last night. He wanted to meet with the two of us. Bottom line is it's early days, still need a termite inspection and an appraisal before we can set a final price. He's okay with waiting. Realtor was not in a sexy outfit this time.

She refilled the flyers and gave me a handful to keep indoors. I'll check the box in the morning. I may move an Arlo camera to point at the sign.

Swiffered the kitchen, gathered the electronics from the coffee table, swept some leaves from the driveway.

What did I have for lunch? It was backwards because I was having a low Hgl event at 12:30, and ate a Klondike bar first. Small beef & 5 grains frozen meal.

Watched some TWC and Girls' Cruise. Li'l Kim is only Li'l vertically. Horizontally and in 3D she is massive Kim. But she seems to be a very sweet person.

Watched storm chasers on Twitch, and metal detector guy but found myself nodding off at the PC so took a nap. Spook joined me for a few minutes but soon decided the tablet cord was something to scratch her face on.

Salads before each meal, watched some of the RBG event - Pres. Clinton's speech was long but excellent and very well received. He's still a hero in Arkansas. Will finish watching  tomorrow.

Bachelors in Paradise is way too much drama, and all the wrong people are getting hurt.

PTI had one of the regulars on, so I watched.

For dinner I fried up two roti and used some leftover Penang curry poured over boiled in the microwave shrimp. Delicious but needed a lot of Kleenex.

Baklava for dessert was not enough so had a snack of mint chip ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am doctor appointment
BB&B sodastream exchange
Maybe hang out at the nearby Starbucks

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