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Impatient Patient

After the morning routine, it was off to MV Kaiser for an 11 am doctor appointment to (1) see what could be done about my ugly toes and (2) let her know I am moving. Left at 10:15, ran into seriously slow traffic - it has gotten way worse since the time this was my commute - didn't know if I would make it in time, but was half an hour early. Killed some time listening to the radio in the car and then looked for bottles of immodium in the pharmacy - they didn't have any, just the small boxes of 24 capsules for way too much $.

Up to the reg desk, paid my $30, checked in at internal medicine A, was called in about 10:55, vitals taken. BP was good, way better than my home meter said.

Led to an exam room, nurse went over my meds and confirmed my toes needed looking at and wished me good luck with the move.

11:35, no doctor, no one had even checked the room, so I got up to ask at the front, but doc was running down the hall at me.

Result of the exam is my neuropathy is minor, there is nothing concerning about the condition of my toes, if I wanted to have diabetic routine podiatry care I would need to see an out of network doctor in Cupertino. But the fungus is not curable, over time the nails will fall off and new ones will appear and that is just a matter of time. Not the answers I wanted.

Doc gave me some advice on getting meds and my medical history prior to the move.

Phone call as I was leaving, Tropicana manager is sending my check back, it needs to be made out to the parent corp, not the park. Fedex should have it for me tomorrow.

Next stop, CVS, 200 imodiums (generic) for about $30.

On to BB&B to exchange a sodastream cartridge and stock up on diet cola and diet ginger ale syrups.

Home, starting to feel a little low Hgl. Made a salad, may have had some ice cream, sliced a banana into a bowl with PNB & strawberry jam for lunch while watching storm chaser daily drive home. None of the other chasers were streaming.

Surprise Fedex delivery - Dell laptop battery was a day early. Took out the laptop, the first 2 screws came out easily but the torx driver did not work on the others.

Off to Fry's, bought a small screwdriver & bits set, none of them fit. Put laptop away after re-installing the 2 screws. Had an ice cream bar in the car before I left Fry's.

Feeling wiped out from low Hgl (73) took a nap.

Up in time to have a Kind bar & stream. Several returned chatters, but none from the streamers. Starting an email conversation with one of them.

Watched Are You The One? which is getting closer but mathematically I don't think they can win with just one more week to go. Neither do they. It took them too long to do the logic. Despite the claims of the host, following your heart is not the answer, doing the math is. All we know is the couples were chosen as pairs at the outset by the producers (and maybe an actual shrink, but probably not), but after several weeks living together, those pairs will grow apart. The whole thing is a farce.

Also watched Bachelor in Paradise, and once again the producers manipulated the final rose into Blake's hands, sending home one of the most honest guys on the beach. I hate that they have done this every week from week 1. The good news is their attempt to mess up Clay by bringing his ex on board failed.

PTI was minus Mike again. Boo.

Realtor scheduled inspections for 11 am Sunday. That will work. I need to leave but Spook can stay.

Plans for tomorrow:
noon termite inspection. Not sure if I have to be here while he inspects or not.
Dell repair kit should arrive. Install battery.
If the check arrives in time, BofA and have it redone. Probably cost me another $15
Cook up a batch of rice

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