Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hmmmm and Termite Man and Check is in the Fedex

Out of bed by 9, was waiting fro email from a woman whom I met online, but she never wrote. The usual morning stuff then sitting on the porch I noticed one of the hummer feeders was dry and the other was almost empty and there were lots of birds coming by so I refilled them. Lee kept asking me silly Q's about my move. Checked the flyers, they were all still there.

Termite Man came by 15 minutes early, Spook came out of hiding when I was talking to Lee, but needed encouragement to hide from Termite Man. He tapped on all the walls inside and outside, then he geared up and sprayed outside. It took about an hour, he will file a report with the realtor.

Fedex emailed that they delivered the check from LV, but no one rang the bell. It was tossed onto the carport landing.

Took out the check and the instructions, drove to BofA and stood in line forever. Finally got to a teller (there were only 2, the line was 20 deep), and she figured out what was needed and had the manager waive the service charge. Walked out with a check made out to the mobile home park parent company. LV manager had included return Fedex envelope, it is a short drive to the Fedex office. Put the check inside, sealed it up and dropped the envelope into the box outside the office. Tracking says it was picked up and should be in LV by 3 pm tomorrow.

Home, brought Quicken up to date. Watched one storm chaser. TV, watched some TWC and an interview I'd recorded with RBG. Tivo cut it off at an hour, though I'm sure it went another 30 minutes at least. There were 3 intro speeches, including Bill Clinton, who yapped for 15-20 minutes.

RBG is very terse at times, and fairly quiet. But she said some zingers and the audience gave her a standing O for one of them.

I may see if Youtube has the whole interview.

Except later I tried to watch my fave Thai show on YT but bailed because it wanted to play two commercials after every segment. The ads had nothing to do with this show, they were $$ grabs by YT for content they did not own and got for free.

TNF was on, I watched the Bears flounder all over, and the Packers hardly do any better. FFed the 4th quarter. 10-3. Very disappointing. And the announcers never shut up.

Nothing else on Tivo except earlier I watched PTI, finally both Mike and Tony were present. Their 5 minutes segment was Tony Dungy whom I dislike intensely. I have a prejudice against dads whose sons commit suicide. Especially famous dads who choose their jobs over their kids. Seven kids.

Lunch was  Safeway pot roast meal, I need to buy more of those. Mashed potato instead of hard to eat cubes.

Cooked up a pot of rice, so dinner was green curry chicken over rice. Used a lot of Kleenex.

Oh, almost forgot, watched Dating No Filters and for a change it was two hetero couples, one good match and one ridiculously wrong match. The wrong match was a guy obsessed with big butt women, and a woman who may have weighed 90 lbs. He chose a twerkng lesson as a date. Neither of them were built for that. The other couple did a cheerleading lesson, the gal is a pro cheerleader and instructor, the guy held his own, surprisingly.

Plans for tomorrow:
Okay, time to take the electronic junk to the recycle place.

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