Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Up at 8, dressed by 9, forgot to eat breakfast (grabbed a banana but didn't eat it while going through email and FB).

10 am monthly birthday/anniversary party was not well attended but the cake was excellent because it was the host's b'day. Chatted with some of the neighbors. My Russian "girlfriend" was sad I was moving, and I think she will visit before I leave. Maybe. I'll probably see her again. Maybe at Wednesday coffee klatch. She has lost some weight and looks very good.

Home, did not do anything useful until about 3. Lunch was chocolate covered Twinkies and a couple of Aunt Jemima pancakes in a cup. They are good but not as good as the chocolate cake for one.

Cleaned up email folders, deleted all but the one locally based mover. Went to bbb.org and saw they have an A+ rating and in 5 years only 4 complaints, all resolved. I'll choose them. Have to call them to come for an estimate.

Watched OSU vs Nevada, and was very upset that at 63-6 Oregon went for it on every 4th down. Piling on, final score 77-6. Just not fair when you're playing a lower division team and I don't care that they lost to Auburn last week. LSU outplayed Texas - I only saw the 4th quarter but it was definitive. Texas has some very pretty fans and some very severe looking coaches.

Will watch UW-Cal and Stanford-Whomever on Tivo at some future date.

Dinner was sunny side up eggs on sourdough rye topped with shredded mozzarella & sliced Velveeta. I have a tiny Thai lime leaf stem caught in my throat. The grinder missed it.  Strawberries & whipped cream dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put recycles and trash in the outdoor bins but not to the curb
Unlock the shed
Drive to the park&ride and take light rail to MV.
Meet Janice for the festival & lunch & chat
Home. Stage some things for Goodwill???

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