Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Call from AG and LV manager. No word from my realtor

Cream of wheat was not enough so also oatmeal for breakfast. HGl way low at 11 pm last night, Klondike bar ended up mostly in my mouth, I think I also mixed up some chocolate milk. Morning Hgl was a little high.

The low is what I get for eating right.

Found a modeling site online, and watched models posing for a while. Very entertaining.

AG called just as I was firing up the PC. Derailed my routine but it's good to chat with him.

Not a lot to do today. Took in the garbage 11 am for the first, 3 pm for the recycleds.  Did no Goodwilling or even prepping for it.

Should have sat down at the piano but didn't.

Brushed Spook. She always wants more.

Watched football from Saturday, or tried to. UW game was delayed a couple of hours due to lightning, so Tivo only got the first half. Had to look it up, UW lost by 1. Grrr.

Watched Stanford win.

Marie C beef pot pie for lunch, no more of those - they changed the formula and the container and now I get burned edges and dried out innards.

Watched my usual storm chaser stream, discovered I do not like Cheap Trick or ZZ Top.

Caught the end of metal detector guy, lots of coins lately.

Found a beach stream. Virgin Islands by day, Thailand by night. My time, not theirs.

Call from Tropicana manager, she is fedexing me a contract now that she has my deposit. She said it's aimed at Oct 31 contingent on my house being sold here. It should arrive tomorrow morning. I'll sign and return. One more step off the cliff.

Streamed for an hour, talked to myself. No fun at all.

Green curry chicken over rice for dinner, chocolate cake in a mug for dessert. Watched the Saints give away a game they were winning with 50 seconds left. Started watching the Raiders.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sign the contract
Lots of Tivo


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