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Big Baby Steps and Eye Candy Day

Up and out of bed by 10, some very absorbing content on the tablet, including a new free Kindle book, Rookie Privateer by Jamie McFarlane which starts off with a stutter but the next page/chapter is telegraphed as the change of direction for the protagonist.

Hgl was high again.

Oatmeal for breakfast.

One storm chaser online, but he was in a bad cell reception area so I did not stay long.

Called for  a nails appointment, 2 pm, she called back and asked me to come in at 1:30.

Fedex delivered the contract for the new house, I signed and initialed and dated in all the places. Found one grammatical error - utlity's instead of utilities in the header - the paragraph got it right several times. Scanned it to my hard drive, put it on the return envelope and drove it to Fedex. Realtor emailed that she has the termite report, and is expecting the appraisal report and will put together a list of what they say needs to be fixed.

Off to nails appointment. She did a very quick job of it.  I was ready to get color, but didn't. I had to wait to pay - ahead of me a stunning tall slender Japanese teenager with gorgeous legs showing was wearing a sweater top which only came down to her butt And then she bent over to pick something up, gave me the whole show of very short gym shorts. Wow.

On to Safeway, Filipina with amazing thighs in cutoffs was everywhere I went, and ahead of me in the checkout line. She had a lot to check out. I bought everything on my list except they did not have basil plants (or any leaf basil at all) or won tons. Frozen lunches for the week. On the way stopped at King Seafood Market, which is an old school Asian supermarket with the aisles at odd angles, and questionable sanitation. Needed shrimp won tons but the closest they had was shrimp & chicken. They did have Thai iced tea in cans in the fridge so I got one. As I was going inside, a stunning mother daughter pair of tall leggy blondes was lining up at the register. Daughter looked about 18, form fitting stretch leotard showed an amazing figure. Mom was in jeans and looked good too.

Home, delivered was (finally!) the Ghost musical original cast album. It's not very good, except for the one song I bought it because of. And maybe two others, but like many composers they did not know how to just write a single song and then stop. Three sets of paired songs which did not compliment each other. Leave that stuff to Meredith Wilson.

Also on the stoop was a box from Kaiser with all the pills, test strips and pen needles. Can't order insulin till the end of the month.

Tried the storm chaser again, worse results.

Streamed for an hour, was talking to myself. I'm going to stop streaming for a while. Most of what I say I write here anyway.

Tivo - watched PTI, saw that the Raiders and Saints both pulled out a win. I gave up on the latter when they had a TD scored against them and the game lost at 40 seconds left.  Continued FF-ing through the Raiders game, the announcers were more obnoxious than usual. I only went real time with audio when there was a score. At the end of the game ESPN showed the end of the Saints game.

Also watched Below Deck Med, where Capt. Sandy made the mistake of assuming her alcoholic deck hand could achieve sobriety on his own as she had. Very few people can do that without professional help, and I don't think he is one of them. Are You The One? final episode, looked like BS to me. Miraculously all the couples were deemed perfect matches, after not even coming close for 9 weeks. And we saw a different couple sent to the truth booth than the contestants had chosen. They were deemed not a match. The couple which should have gone was one of the final correct choices, but I doubt it.

Still to watch, Penn & Teller and two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise.

Did four loads of laundry in 2 days, put it all away today. Spook helped by sitting on the first pair of cutoffs after I folded them and put them on the bed. The 4th load was impromptu - my butt had leaked this morning on the bright yellow sheets. Replaced them with burgundy.

Dinner was chicken broth with green peas, minced garlic, two pre-cooked chicken drumsticks, six shrimp & chicken won tons. It took a long time to cool off enough to eat. Dessert was a project. Cut a couple of slices of frozen Sarah Lee pound cake, heated up, soaked in sherry, whipped cream and then strawberry slices and more whipped cream. The alcohol burns off, but the sherry adds a tangy taste.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am coffee klatch (I hope my Russian babe is there)
Catch up on Tivo and twitch


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