Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

All Alone at the Coffee Klatch

Up by 9, drove to the center at 10, poured myself a coffee and waited for the rest of the folks to arrive. They never did. There was a gathering of muckymucks with clip boards looking at something inside a service door by the pool, one had a couple of huge plumber's wrenches.

But that was sad, no one came to the coffee klatch. Someone in a Miss Cleo outfit set up shop in the crafts room - they rent it out from time to time.

Back home, wasted the whole day. Did not even pick up the mail.

Pot roast for lunch, fish fillets and vegies for dinner.

Watched 2 episodes of Bachelor in Paradise, and saw it whittled down to two solid couples and two marginal ones. Demi is such a phony. As always. One more episode I think, Clay will break up with Nicole, whom he should never have hooked up with. JPJ showed he is just the dumb surfer dude we all knew he was from the start. Dating No Filter was heavily filtered, the straight couple was a total mismatch.

I tweaked my streaming page, ironically it made me miss the daily drive stream. But I did watch the main storm chaser a little.

Moving company called, appointment for Friday noon to have an estimate done. I need to ask about them doing the packing.

Went online with my brokerage and wanted to transfer $ to my checking account but it didn't give me a choice and said it would send a paper check. I called, but it was the final hour of their day, have to try again tomorrow.

Streamed at 7 pm, but no chatters, so I bailed after half an hour. Need to step away from that again.

Email from the LV manager, she says she has done 80 contracts and never noticed the error. She did not have a floor plan, but will ask the owner. There may be one online somewhere.

Ordered a magnet from Amazon, ought to be able to find that one last screw.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get serious about Goodwill. Clothes, fryer, Soda stream, LPs, guest room bedding.
Try again to contact the Astronomical assn. to give them my gear
Call starving musicians - want to buy a baritone?

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