Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Goodwill, chchchchanges, laptop battery WIN, magnet delivery FAIL

Last night I bagged about 50 Tshirts, but there are more to recycle. This morning I also bagged the linens in the guest room, but not the pillows since I thought I saw somewhere they don't accept pillows. Will have to check that**. Bagged 100 CDs, 50 to a bag. Tossed the big capacity Sodastream machine and the deep fryer into the car too.

Email and text from realtor at 12:15 asking if I could go away at by 1 pm so another realtor could show the house? Okay, got into the car and to Goodwill and donated all the things.

Text as I was donating saying the buyers wanted to come at 6 pm instead. Okay, no problem. Drove home by way of the big BofA near Target, but the whole building was closed. They used to have a bunch of ATMs on the outside wall, but those are gone too. On to Lucky's which has a shiny new BofA ATM, got Ca$h.

Home, hoping the magnet would be there so I could fish for that tiny laptop screw, but Amazon sent a note that it was delayed a day or two. :-(

Played on the PC.  Several storm chaser were active and I was back in time for the daily ride home.

Realtor sent the results of the termite inspection and home health appraisal, and there was some bad news. Lots of things to fix, about $3k worth. Some of them were things I had to fix when I moved in. It said there was fungus on the front porch rail, but I think that is actually sugar water from the hummingbird feeder. It also said there was no smoke alarm in the guest bedroom, which surprised me because I know there was one there. Looked, and the mount is there for a brand new First Alert unit, but no unit. I wonder if one of my house guests removed it. Spook did not confess. She spends more time in there than I do. Ordered a replacement online.

Took advantage of the extra hours to swiffer the kitchen and laundry room floors. They needed it badly. Used three whatever they call those things.

No lunch due to the Goodwill trip.

5:30, drove to the Mercado Starbucks, which is the one open late because it's by the cineplex. It was packed. 95° outside, and the aircon was not quite coping. Had an iced mocha and found a seat on a high chair by the window, but the only view was a bunch of dirty kids. Birthday party, it looked like. Sun was in my eyes.

The laptop had most of its charge, after being in the car for a few days, so the replacement battery was a WIN. Arlo alerted me when the buyers parked in the carport, and when the agent parked out front. Buyers were there at 6, agent was 15 minutes late. And he didn't seem to know how to get the door open. Realtor gave him some hints and they were inside. The wife waved at the bedroom web cam. They checked out the master bathroom, and the kitchen but did not stay very long. They spent some time going around the outside, and behind the house.

7-ish realtor asked if she could send them the reports, I said yes. With luck they will opt to buy quickly and pay for the work themselves. Maybe in return for a lower price.

Realtor wants to have the weekend to think about the reports, and Monday maybe I'll go to her office to go over them.

Dinner was trout sauté from many moons ago, over rice. Chocolate cake with strawberries and whipped cream on top while watching PTI. No other Tivo shows. Watched a recent Pawn Stars, I may look them up when I move to LV. I do have some stuff to sell.

Looked up the SJ Astronomy group, they have a meeting and talk Saturday night so I'll put my stuff in the car and go there and maybe I can unload the big scope + tripod and box of eye pieces. I'll keep the smaller scope which fits on a standard photo tripod. Being out in the desert far from the strip I expect to see lots of stars. Have to find a box.... right now it is all in an upside down litterbox hood.

Plans for tomorrow:
Movers coming to do an estimate sometime between noon and 1 pm.
Full moon Friday the 13th - first one since 2000, next one in 2049.
Maybe more CDs to Goodwill. And the final batch of T-shirts. And my costume collection. I need to try on the white suit to see if it still fits or if it goes. I should probably keep it regardless.
Raid the freezer and bring some rosemary, mint and oregano over to Lou's wife.
Movie night - A Few Good Men - I will try to remember to go.
**checked their web page, they don't take pillows but now they take flat screen TVs so the Roku will go there, maybe with the furniture it is on and the VCR and bluray player.

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