Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another moving experience

Up at 6:30, pit stop and then saw the tablet wanted to do an upgrade, so I started that, and then th Pixel too. Tablet says it is at Android 9, Pixel is now at 10. Took about 45 minutes.

Out mostly on time, Hgl was good for a change. The longer I wait to measure it the higher it gets because the overnight dose wears off.

Breakfast was the last two baklava. Out of bananas. Forgot about the eggs.

Mover's estimator came at about 12:30, toured the house & shed. It gave me an idea of how much stuff to get rid of. The piano would be expensive to move, but it may stay with the house depending.

Lunch chicken masala which was bought by mistake (some Safeway customer had stuck it in with the turkey & stuffing). It was pretty bad. Dessert was pound cake with sherry and sliced strawberries with whipped cream. Forgot the blueberries in the freezer.

Tuned into the daily drive and the metal detector guy.

Pulled the T-shorts out of the closet which I will  bring to BASFA Monday night and put them on the bed. They need to go into a bag. And the filk CDs need to go too.

Bedroom, curled up with the tablet, and after half an hour Spook jumped on the bed and parked herself on the pile of T-shirts. I fell asleep, when I got up and tried to roll on my side, Spook made a rude noise - she had curled up against me.  

Watched PTI then it was time to go to the movie at the clubhouse. A Few Good Men.  I somehow was imagining Top Gun. I'd never seen AFGM except in snippets. It was pretty good at the end, but it took as long long time to get there.

Home, had to move some stuff out of the shed to get behind the door and grab the telescope and programmable tripod. Put those in the back of the car for tomorrow night. Also have to bag the eyepieces and such from the office. I hope they let me donate them.

On the carport steps was an amazon box - powerful 1" round magnet on a rope. They originally said it would be here yesterday, then today, then tomorrow. I tried fishing for the tiny screw, but Spook thought we were playing a game so I had to put it down and will try again another time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Gather up the astronomy stuff & put it in the car
4 pm meet Janice for coffee
7:30 to SJ for the astro meeting

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