Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Big Time progress

Up on time, took an Hgl reading (169) then back to bed to read till after 10.

Put the Sci-fi T-shirts in one bag and the filk CDs in another and staged them on the small recliner in the livingroom. I had twice as many filk CDs as I thought. Those go to BASFA Monday evening.

Emptied the re-usable plastic bags from the kitchen rack (eventually that rack and everything on it will be hauled away) and filled them with the last 100 pop CDs and one paper bag got all the beanie babies from the top of the CD rack. One CD rack can be Goodwilled (have to put the pins in a baggie).
There is still another rack with musicals, classical and Asian CDs to deal with.

While I was at the computer Spook got my attention, she wanted me to lie down in bed so she could curl up next to me. She was still there when I left, and for a couple of hours after.

Loaded the second telescope and the bag of accessories into the car.

Met Janice at Starbucks, it was very warm so we sat outside.

6-ish drove to Hogue Park in south-ish San Jose, my car's nav system figured it out from me pointing to the right parking lot on the map, but it won't let me name the site.

Way early, board meeting in progress. Hung around outside watching lots of people doig lots of park-like things. This park has a bring your own chairs & tables policy, there are no formal picnic tables. 7:15 went into the meeting area for the 7:30 talk, hoping to find the right person to donate the stuff to. Luckily the meeting ran long, and the last presenter was the guy looking for equipment for the star parties. He was happy to take my donation. Yay!

The talk started after 8, was pretty good, by a UCSC staffer, and NASA affiliate who showed us all about the probe to Pluto. Some excellent images. And some interesting speculations.

Email from realtor asking if 11 am tomorrow was okay for me to vacate for a buyer visit. Yeah, I can do that. I hope they don't change the time again.

Home, car charge was down to 22%. Finished the salad greens.

Nuked some chicken poppers, but they tasted bad - bland but lots of pepper. Humus did not help. That whole bag is down the drain now.

Watched 2/3 of a San Diego Zoo episode. Much much duller than the Bronx Zoo series was. Lots of needless repetition. They packed up the last pandas, sent them back to China. One of them had lived there 27 years.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put the CDs in the back seat and the BASFA bags in the trunk.
Charge the car at GO
Hang out at Specialty's
Car may need a second half hour of charging

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