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Another time shifter, major Goodwill donation, Mover estimate, Good massage

Chocolate covered twinkie and a hard boiled egg for breakfast. Hgl measured at 8:30 was 204, so much for the theory that the previous readings (194) were due to the overnight dose of insulin running out.

With an 11 am buyer appointment, I stopped the full backup (which takes about 15 hours) and shut down the PC after checking the news & seeing nobody on Twitch chasing storms. Facebook traffic was also light.

Loaded the bags with 100 CDs into the back seat of the car and the bags with Sci-fi T-shirts and CDs into the trunk. Then said what the hack and loaded the Roku TV, the PAL VCR and the blu-ray player which were attached to it, and finally the very heavy analog Technics turntable (it doesn't play 78s).

On my way there, realtor texted that the buyer wanted to come back at 1. Fine. 15 minutes later she changed it to 4:30. Okay. She said the buyer was very excited about the house and was looking to make a cash offer.**

10:50 drove to the Grocery Outlet, plugged in the car but went into Specialty's for a soft drink and a pecan bun. As always, their soft drink machine was borked. It always is, and they sell the cups anyway. I need to write a nastygram.

Car charged from 22% to 70% in half an hour, drove to Goodwill, unloaded all the stuff, got a receipt. Back to GP, plugged the car in again, did some shopping for half an hour for a handful of things I was out of. Salad greens, dressing, bananas, whipped cream. Grapes because I'm tired of strawberries.

Home, wasted time online a little, watched more of the San Diego Zoo program until I couldn't stand how boring they made it. Seriously, I do not need to see every little step involved in packing a panda up to fly to China. Possibly thanks to our government's brilliant dealings with China, a loan which has been ongoing for 27 years, and was extended from 2008 to 2019, is done. They did not spend nearly enough time showing the very ornate exhibit being dismantled and all the signs taken down. Just enough to know that SD Zoo's main attraction is gone gone gone. Just like that. I remember waiting in line for an hour to see those bears. Or every little step to train a pair of elephants to be okay in the cages in which they will be trucked to Texas.

4:15, took myself and my laptop to the community hall and tried to set up to watch the webcams and security cams to track the buyers, who would be unattended by a realtor. I had repositioned the carport cam to look from the shed to the street instead of at the shed from a carport column. FAIL because they did not park in the carport. They must have parked out front in the clearly marked fire lane.

I had to watch on my phone, and they left the carport door open after they went inside. Good thing Spook hides in the closet. But closing the screen door would have been considerate.

They spent a lot of time in the master bathroom, which is good. I put a lot of work into improving it.

I had put tape on the laundry room light switches, but they ignored that and turned off both lights when they left.

**Realtor texted that she may have jumped the gun about them being on the verge of buying. :-(

Meanwhile I put 5 more flyers into the sign twice today. Not sure where they all went.

Moving company I am working with doesn't do estimates, they make a hard offer, subject to change if more things are added or subtracted. $8k, half of it for packing. I sent the dimensions of the truck to LV to make sure it will be able to get to the house. Adding the piano would only cost $400. I may do that. It would cost about that to move it locally. The price includes a free month of local storage, which solves a big logistics issue. It's easy enough to stay in a motel and put Spook in a boarding kennel if need be.

I looked online and there are a lot of jobs in LV which I would be comfortable doing. I may come out of retirement. This move is going to eat all my brokerage investments. I don't want to touch my IRA until I don't have an income more than Social Security.

Dinner was not so good. I used too small a pan of water, so not all the dim sum got steamed thoroughly. Me being lazy. All my ha gow spilled on the floor when I took it out of the freezer, but no worries, it all gets sterilized in the steamer. Preceded by a salad. Cut up a red onion which stained my hands. One more reason to use the food processor.

Watched most of the 49ers' win over the Bengals. And FFed through the Raiders' loss to KC. I see the Seahawks squeaked by the Steelers. And the Ravens won again with their new phenom QB. Denver lost again with their new old phenom QB acquired from the Ravens.

Strawberries and whipped cream over sherry-soaked pound cake for dessert. Took half an hour to recover from that before starting the backup, and driving the long way to my favorite massage place in Saratoga. Due to construction projects, there is no longer a reasonable access to the short way from home, but the return trip is a straight shot at mostly 65 MPH. Busy night, I had to wait 10 minutes for a room, and they were only able to offer half an hour instead of my usual full hour. But I did get the name of the excellent therapist, and if I manage to return before I move I'll make an appointment.

Home, I almost forgot I'd had dinner. Not hungry, which made sense. Took out all three garbage bins, with all the garbages (including my very old porn DVD collection), plus the bag of dead batteries taped to the recycle bin. Lee was out there with a flashlight, she wanted to know the ethnicity of my potential buyers. I don't know. I think I heard southern Chinese similar to Thai from this afternoon's people. The first couple was Indian, the second Chinese. The realtor probably isn't allowed to tell me. I only want to know for linguistic purposes, I'll sell to anyone.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get back to movers, ask how to put the $100 (refundable) deposit down. The deal is 50% when they come to pack, 50% at time of delivery before they will deliver. Cash, cashier's check or MO. 3% extra for credit card. That's $240 without the piano. Cashiers checks are $15 a pop.
Probably will hear from Realtor, maybe about a sale, more likely about scheduling repairs.
The corndogs in the freezer are not going to eat themselves.
There are jars of things in the fridge which are still edible but won't be eaten any time soon.
Bring in the garbage bins
Find a place to unload my sapphire collection
Other moving chores as they appear.
Marijuana is now legal in Nevada, I may bring my tiny stash with me. Maybe.

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